Mom & Pop vs. Big Chains

One of my favorite web video-journalists over past year has been Yahoo’s Kevin Sites. His feature “In The Hot Zone” has covered interesting conflicts all over the world. From the Middle East, to Africa and the rest of the world, this new “backpack journalism” showed behind the scenes stories not featured in mainstream media. They’ve now teamed up with independent filmmakers, shift focus and place, to the United States.

Independent America,” by Hanson Hosein and Heather Hughes, asks if small, independent businesses are a thing of the past in modern America. They traveled across the back-roads of America to see what impact big business has on local shops.

I thought this would be of interest to residents of Hoboken, since rising rents and corporate competition have always loomed on the horizon as potentially damaging to our wide-array of independent local retailers. Enjoy the video!

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The truth is that even though most people are pulling for the mom & pop stores, the pricing is so much better at the larger chain stores that it’s impossible to ignore… Of course there are times when you’d still shop at the mom & pops out of convenience, but when you have the time to go to the chain, it’s definitely more financially prudent.

On a side note – Mayor Dave Roberts had a quote in the Hudson paper this past week that he was not running for a 3rd term! Halleluyah!! (although he also said he could change his mind – boooo!)


[quote comment=”8462″]When I first saw the title, “In Praise of Chain Stores”, I though WTF, but an interesting (and short) read:

Very articulate article. Page 2 is especially well founded.


When I first saw the title, “In Praise of Chain Stores”, I though WTF, but an interesting (and short) read:


It’s my understanding that the Hoboken corrupt gov’t has been somewhat tough on some small businesses here – they favor some but others are gone in a jiffy, and I can’t imagine that it’s always because they are failures.


Satan started out as the most favored of God and grew into the devil.

Size matters. 😆