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10/29/2007 Update:

The desire for the NFL Network is still going strong for Cablevision subscribers. Here, 411 reader “Mikeyc825” would like other NFL lovers to reach out and demand it.


Can you put out a post to have your readers contact Cablevision to petition for the NFL Network on tv? It doesn’t seem like a big deal but there are 8 regular season games on there and great programming, Cablevision just doesn’t want to provide it.

Hoboken resident for 6 years and I love your site!”

nflnetwork.gifHow many of you are NFL junkies? Hoboken411 is, as a subscriber to DirecTV and the NFL Sunday Ticket.

But many of you readers are not or cannot be satellite subscribers. Most have cable access from local Hoboken provider, Cablevision. One reader writes in about her frustration regarding the late-season Thursday and Saturday games, broadcast exclusively on the NFL Network. She’s upset she pays Cablevision upwards of $200 a month and thinks they should spend the money to bring her the games, rather than having to schlep to a crowded bar to watch them. It reminded her of the debacle with the YES network and the Yankees games back in 2002.

Do you think it’s worth it for Cablevision to pay the money to broadcast lesser-tier or out-of-market games, when they cannot have the NFL Sunday Ticket package? Cablevision’s President Jim Dolan doesn’t think so. Dolan called the NFL Network’s fee of 70 cents per subscriber per month “ridiculous” and added, “You want me to buy this little network for eight games but you won’t sell me the things my customers want the most.” DirecTV pays $700 million per year for exclusive rights to that service.

Dolan added the cable industry happily would match DirecTV’s price and for Sunday Ticket and said he would distribute the NFL Network at the NFL’s asking price if he could have Sunday Ticket. That is a moot point, because DirecTV has Sunday Ticket through 2010. Plus, to pay for it, cable outlets presumably would have to form a cooperative to negotiate a national deal.

What are your thoughts?

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[quote comment=”51010″]MF you should hear the guy sing. LOL!

i was shocked to see his band at bonnaroo a couple years ago


[quote comment=”117504″]Anyone know which bars in town will have the Denver/Cleveland game on Tonight?


B Quinn getting the start tonight :-)!!!


Hobsons, etc…


Any bars with NFL Sunday ticket. Black Bear, 4Ls, Texas, Liberty, Bistro, Madison, etc.


Anyone know which bars in town will have the Denver/Cleveland game on Tonight?