Drunks, assaults, and man cat-fights


Hoboken Police Blotter report 10/1/2010

Drunk Assaults Police Officer

This past Tuesday, September 28th, an undercover Hoboken anti-crime officer was performing a routine detail check of Church Square Park. He noticed a man laying down on a park bench near the center gazebo, and advised his dispatch he was going to “check them out.” He clearly displayed his badge and weapon and loudly stated “Hoboken Police.”

As he approached the gazebo, he noticed a second man laying down as well – asking them both if they were in need of medical attention. One man replied “no,” while the other just walked away saying “F-ck this,” despite the officers demand for him to remain while he issued a city ordinance summons. After repeated requests for the man to wait, he assaulted the officer, attempting to tackle him several times, at which point the officer fell. The battle ensued until the officer drew his weapon. The actor was still refusing to cooperate, this time assuming the fists-up “fighting stance.”

Two backup officers arrive and continue ordering the male to the ground – with no results. They said that pepper spray would be used if he continued being uncooperative. The refusal to comply continued, at which point the officer withdrew his canister of MK-3 pepper spray and aimed it at the direction of the actors face. After a brief struggle, the uncooperative individual was cuffed and arrested.

24 year-old Elroy Wilson of Hoboken, NJ was charged with Aggravated Assault on an officer, resisting arrest, and obstructing justice.

Lesson: Do not act like an idiot in front of a law enforcement officer with guns and mace.

Hoboken Man Cat Fight

Last Friday, September 24th – Hoboken Police responded to an alleged assault at 12th and Hudson.

When officers arrived, a 19-year old man who works at Ferrazz Hair claims he was assaulted by the boyfriend of an ex-employee of Ferrazz – who was with his girlfriend at her new job at the Hoboken Man Salon.

The Ferrazz employee claims he was struck in the face with a closed fist and struck back in defense – and the other 29 year old claims he was hit first. “He-said, he-said.”

After police realized this was going nowhere, they suggested that both could sign a “no complaint form” to put this matter to rest, which they did.

Later, the boyfriend of the girl that left Ferrazz to go to Hoboken Man felt the other guy was instigating – while he responded that it was just a coincidence.

Net-Net: Jealousy and Hair Salons don’t mix well!

Drunk has foggy memory and bruises

This particular incident was reported on the Hoboken411 Twitter Feed yesterday. A 22 year-old man called Hoboken Police and indicted that he was assaulted at Stevens Park.

He said that between the hours of 1:30-3:00am, he was assaulted by three men (who he could not describe), knocked to the ground, and kicked unconscious. He said he later was awakened by who he believes was a Stevens student, then began walking around and phoned police. He claimed his wallet and iPod Touch was stolen. He was transported to Hoboken Police Headquarters, and treated for minor abrasions. Police also said he was covered with dirt.

Later, the iPod Touch was recovered near Stevens at 5th and River Terrace. It was found broken into pieces and later entered into evidence.

As I was listening to this event on the Hoboken411 Live Police and Fire Action Channel this morning – some doubt was cast on whether this man (who was allegedly “29” drunk) was actually assaulted or not. Police reported that the areas in question were patrolled earlier with no incidents reported or potential actors spotted, and that the man in question was witnessed stumbling around Sinatra Drive earlier.

Moral of the story: It will be harder to invent a story of an alleged assault when you’re actually a stumbling drunk in public.

Stolen Bike leads to needles and arrest

This past Wednesday, September 28th – Hoboken Police received a call that a red mountain bike was stolen from the parking lot of the A&P Supermarket at 7th and Clinton at approximated 3:30pm.

Later that night, Hoboken Police Officers spotted a man riding a bike matching the description near the Homeless Shelter at 3rd and Bloomfield. They stopped the man, 44 year-old Domenick Pascarella of Bayonne, NJ. They requested that he provide identification so they can run him for wants and warrants.

As he perused his backpack, officers noticed that he had several hypodermic needles inside, indicative of drug use.

They ran his ID – and discovered he has several arrest warrants in Bayonne and Carteret, NJ.

He was then arrested for carrying hypodermic needles, and two counts of bail-jumping.

Moral: Petty street crime sucks, isn’t convenient and doesn’t pay well.

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So it is illegal to sleep in the Gazebo? I see people camped out there all the time.

Every bench along the pier has someone sleeping on it if you’ve ever walked, ran, rode past early on weekend mornings.


***That being said it’s good to hear that there are undercovers on foot. Good job police and glad you’re ok.[quote comment=”198256″]So it is illegal to sleep in the Gazebo? I see people camped out there all the time. Every bench along the pier has someone sleeping on it if you’ve ever walked, ran, rode past early on weekend mornings.[/quote]


So much of the trouble that is caused comes from people who don’t live in Hoboken. Lots of theft from folks in Jersey City, lots of fights by people from suburbia. It’s annoying.


That iPod kid sounded like he got so drunk he passed out. Why can’t anyone just admit they over-did it anymore? I’d rather get honest sympathy from others who also had silly drunken episodes in their lives, rather than an inconclusive police report and looking like a victim. Our society loves to finger point these days instead of taking responsibility for their actions or lack thereof.


A mountain bike is stolen and they find it near the homeless shelter. Shocker!