Hoboken Week in Review: 10/3/2010


Hoboken Week in Review 10/3/2010

Don’t forget – today’s Fall Arts & Music Festival starts at 11am. Get there early is always my advice!

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The most noteworthy posts for the week ending Sunday, October 3, 2010:

Politics and City Happenings

  • Lenz Double StandardAppointed 4th Ward Councilman Michael Lenz is very afraid of the upcoming November election.
  • Double Booked!Cory Booker gave preference to a better political show down south – and straggled up to Hoboken for a brief cameo.
  • Not so specialThe City Council meeting last week was a dud, but several residents reamed certain officials.
  • How convenientNJ Gov. Christie stops in Hoboken for media coverage about his education policies.
  • How politicalHoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer said the Police Layoff decision wasn’t politics. Hoboken411 shows you it so WAS.
  • 4th WardBookmark this link for what you need to know about the special election next month.
  • Nicole was lenientHoboken and the “other 5 boroughs” were spared the brunt of the remnants of Tropical Storm Nicole – but we still got some rain…

Crime and Incidents

  • Police BlotterSummary of a few noteworthy incidents last week in Hoboken.
  • TWITTERMany local crimes and incidents are reported *as they happen* here at Hoboken411 – but you need to follow that Twitter link to be tuned in for all of them!
  • Live Action!Tune in to Hoboken411’s live police and fire action channel any time of the day to find out what those sirens are for!

Business & Events

Other Hoboken Updates

  • DifficultRelatively simple things like parking have become more difficult with the new administration. Just ask grandma!
  • Baked!The Cake Boss spin-off series “The Next Great Baker” films it’s season finale in front of a live audience at Stevens Institute.

Inspirational Quote of the Week:

“When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.”

– Thomas Jefferson

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