9/29 Special Council Meeting Recap

9/30/2010 Update:

Council Recap: Much ado about nothing

Just before the meeting began, the administration pulled the resolution regarding a contract for the Police Department to provide officers to the Housing Authority. Mayor Dawn Zimmer’s attempt to get the agreement through the council was premature, since the Department of Housing and Urban Development hasn’t signed off on the concept yet. The “Belfiore Plan” will have to wait.

After several members of the public rose to complain about the effort by the Mayor and 5th Ward councilman Peter Cunningham to slam the Western Edge Redevelopment Plan through, the matter was tabled. Cunningham was not happy with the last-minute retreat, but he had to suck it up when his allies, including un-elected 4th ward councilman Michael Lenz, saw the political suicide they were walking into and backed off to fight another day.

The budget amendments were accepted after some back-and-forth with the public about the council’s refusal to use more funds from the budget surplus for a tax cut. Taxpayers will likely see their combined tax bills go up, unless they took Hoboken411’s advice this year and looked into filing a Property Tax Assessment Appeal.

The council went into executive session to hear from their attorney on S. Hekemian’s lawsuit over the Municipal Garage. The only place to see all the documents related to the suit is exclusively here on Hoboken411.

It’s the legal complaint the Mayor doesn’t want you to read.

Hoboken Special City Council Meeting September 29 2010 - 9/29 Special Council Meeting Recap

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Zimmer calls Special Meeting; Election clock ticking

Mayor Dawn Zimmer has called a special meeting tonight for the Hoboken City Council members to consider three items.

Zimmer only has two more regular meetings with a guaranteed 5-vote majority to “rubber stamp” her initiatives before the 4th ward gets a chance to choose who will represent them from November through June 30. With her hand-picked choice of Michael Lenz facing a head-to-head battle with Tim Occhipinti, Zimmer is rushing her flawed Western Edge Redevelopment Plan through the council.

Resolution 1: Western Edge Redevelopment Plan

Two weeks ago, Mayor Dawn Zimmer unveiled her plan for the Western Edge Redevelopment Zone at the Jubilee Center.

The plan was met with a great deal of criticism from activists and developers alike. Despite offering lip service about appreciating the comments, Zimmer and her Community Development Director Brandy Forbes tried to jam the plan onto an “Emergency” meeting agenda for the City Council to vote on last week. Lawyers challenged the improper legal notice of the meeting, and the vote was postponed to tonight.

Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer Western Edge Redevelopment Map - 9/29 Special Council Meeting Recap

Zimmer ignores feasibility and open space concerns

After listening to hours of feedback, the city only made three minor changes in the plan before offering it to the council for referral to the Planning Board.

The minimum percentage of 3-bedroom units increased from 10% to 15%, new requirements were added for on-site detention of stormwater and a minor wording issue regarding consistency with planning policies in Jersey City.

Nothing has been changed regarding a lack of open space, concerns that the project will result in ugly slab-designed 8-story buildings, or the overall lack of feasibility for a combined residential/commercial/office building plan for properties that involve four different owners.

Resolution 2: Hoboken PD contract in the HHA

The second item will move “The Perry Belfiore Plan” for a new Hoboken Housing Authorty Police Bureau, which will fund the salaries of at least five police officers.

Dawn Zimmer explains to Perry Belfiore why she gave him no credit for his Hoboken Police HHA idea - 9/29 Special Council Meeting Recap

Read the rest and see video archive after the jump…

Public Hearing on the Budget

The City Council has held some hearings on the 6-month “Transition Year” budget. If you missed them, you’re like 99.999% of Hoboken and you didn’t miss much.

There was lots of hemming and hawing, umms and ahhs, as well as the usual Long Lenz Lectures (“Triple L’s”), and some Remedial City Operations 101 for some Council Members who showed just how little they know about running a municipal government. With five solid votes on the council, nothing anybody says will change anything when the rubber stamps come down.

The Transitional Year budget is a six-month plan designed to front-load state aid payments for maximum political impact ahead of a November special election. A small tax decrease is expected, but it won’t be enough to offset the massive increase in Hudson County taxes, thanks in part to the Mayor’s reluctance to challenge the funding formula that puts a much greater county tax burden on Hoboken taxpayers.

The meeting starts at 7pm at City Hall. There will be a public comment portion at the end of the meeting.

Video Archive of 9/29 Special Hoboken Council Meeting

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mickey finn
mickey finn
Friday, October 1, 2010 7:01 pm

furthermore, MR. SIEGEL, you like to stand up at the mic and play the role of the poor taxpayer… when, in fact, you are and always have been a renter. you preach about crippling taxes being the result of paying for police and fire pension contributions. DO YOUR HOMEWORK SIEGEL… hoboken, for years, never paid their share of pension payments. so, you’re half right. the TAXPAYERS, not you, were paying, however, the politicians were spending it elsewhere. all the while, cops and fireman were paying their 8 1/2%. starting w/ governors florio and whitman, the municipalities were given a holiday to not have to pay their share… this lasted for years. whitman also tried to gamble w/ the money and invest it… that didn’t work, and is why these men and women have such an underfunded and crippled pension system. so, mr. siegel, please refrain from giving your 2 cents on what should be done w/ our police and fire. if you want to be productive, write your governor and ask him to payback what’s owed to the pension system.

mickey finn
mickey finn
Thursday, September 30, 2010 5:45 pm

it’s funny how predictable certain people are. let’s take for example… SCOTT SIEGEL. i see him roaming the streets w/ carol marsh all of the time. no doubt, going over his scripted lines for him to deliver at each council meeting. well, i for one, i’m tired of listening to his inane drivel. he needs to stop drinking b4 meetings, that’s for one. second, if he’s going to read from the script prepared for him, at least run through it a couple of times b4, because he sounds ridiculous. mr. siegel, you know none of which you speak. you are aligning yourself w/ an administration that is sinking like the titanic. it’s not too late to jump in a life boat. take some ques from mr. bajardi… or at least a few diction classes, and learn the facts. that presentation was embarrassing to say the least. everyone knows that the surplus is substantial and we don’t need you telling us how it should be spent… however, i love the fact that you acknowledge that we’re getting sued, so, by your own admission, you realize that this administration is a train wreck. furthermore, who is that overweight guy w/ the camera around his neck? he sits there looking useless and proves it by never snapping a picture. i’ve come up with a theory. that is not a real camera… it is just the frame of a camera that he fills w/ snacks. i find him to be repulsive and wish that… Read more »

Thursday, September 30, 2010 11:19 am

This latest production of a council meeting had all the markings of being produced and directed by lenz. How he “tried” to distance himself from zimmer was pathetic, and like Castellano and Russo stated, it was a meeting that didn’t have to take place. It was planned, calculated and orchestrated to show displeasure (damage control) with moving forward with zimmers redevelopment plan and nothing more. I don’t think the “queen bee” would be clever enough to “stage” such a setting. I’m sure lenz will try future events to distance himself before the November election, so he can deceive voters in the 4th ward to obtain more years of standing by her in the future. DON’T BE FOOLED. And I wonder if Lane Borjardi is correct (he usually is) in assuming the closed session was to agree paying off SHG to avoid depositons and charges of fraud.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010 3:18 pm

As I said before, get to the cc meeting and ‘give it your all’. 🙄

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