Hoboken Health Corner: September 2010


Football Season can be fattening!

Fall weather brings changing leaves, pumpkins and also… FOOTBALL!
By Leslie Goldstein, RD

This time of year Hoboken is chock full of football fanatics! With each bar on Washington packed with fans in high spirits and crowds galore, also comes ghastly nutrition choices!

The variety of food available at bars/restaurants for sports fans is although tasty, but unfortunately high in calories, saturated fat and sodium, which can lead to stroke, heart disease and high blood pressure. Now I realize no sports fans are thinking about this as they down a pitcher of beer and wings but there are a few ways to be health conscious while still hanging with your crew and watching the game at Mikie Squared or Wicked Wolf Tavern….

Below are a few favorite sports foods. (Calories are approximate)

  • Chicken Parm Sandwich = 750 calories
  • 1 dozen buffalo wings= 1200 cals
  • Blue cheese dressing 1 packet= 230 cals
  • Dominos Cheese Pizza 1 slice (1/8 of a medium pie)= 210 cals
  • Extra cheese= add 20 cals
  • Chili’s Classic Beef Nachos= 1090 cals
  • BBQ ribs= 1240 cals
  • 12 oz can Budweiser/Coors= 145 cals, Coors Light= 100 cals

So… what to order when enjoying the game?

  • Try adding vegetables to your pizza for additional vitamins and minerals, or order a thin crust this will save 50 calories a slice! Also, order a side salad to fill up on fibrous vegetables and eat fewer slices than normally
  • Order grilled chicken wings & dip in marinara sauce rather than creamy blue cheese
  • Skip the Mexican or Asian salads– they are loaded with calories, fat and sodium and may not be a better option!! Order a plain house salad with grilled chicken, use balsamic vinegar and oil
  • Order a sandwich with the contents laid over salad instead of filling up on bread
  • Try light beer to save calories
  • Skip the nachos- they are high in saturated fat from cheese, sour cream and beef
  • Try a black bean soup or a bean chili- this is a high protein, low calorie option

Generally, have one appetizer & a “healthier choice” of entrée such as grilled chicken or fish or lean beef – always eat during the day, don’t “save yourself” for fatty appetizers later.

Football season lasts through winter; don’t make poor choices a habit! Learn to still have fun and be healthy!

About Leslie Goldstein, RD
Leslie Goldstein is a Registered Dietitian (RD) practicing in North Bergen and Hoboken, New Jersey. Leslie is an avid exerciser who combines her nutrition knowledge and passion with motivational support in counseling to help her clients make lifestyle changes. Leslie specializes in weight management, general wellness, Diabetes, bariatric surgery, hypertension and cardiovascular disease. Leslie accepts most major insurances. 8100 Kennedy Blvd. North Bergen, NJ 07047 Ph: 201-866-6770 Email: LeslieGoldsteinRD@gmail.com

Stay tuned for next month’s column!

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<~ Yes, up late. Doing homework after a long workday sucks. Tired as all hell.

Bedtime, yay.


From the list, I think I’ll stick with “Extra Cheese”.

Twenty calories. Not bad.

sassy lassie
sassy lassie

I happen to think the tips in italics are helpful, especially about the blue cheese and nachos.

@mrfreddy: You sound like such an a** – hope you’re happy with yourself!


this advice is beyond idiotic. just avoid the carbs. Duh.