Christmas Bonuses

It’s reported that Wall Street will hand out over $30 billion dollars in bonuses this year, with Goldman Sachs doling out over $16 billion of it. They’ve apparently profited more this year than any other investment bank ever has.

moundofmoney.jpgWith this influx of liquid money coming into the local economy, how do you think that will affect things? From retail shopping, automobile purchases and real estate? An article in yesterday’s Daily News mentioned that many people are going on lavish spending sprees, paying top dollar for “I gotta have it now” impulse purchases, from expensive cars, golf clubs, jewelry and more. So it’s possible many local Hoboken businesses may see a positive increase in sales this holiday season.

It’s also been said that with all these trigger-happy and newly uber-wealthy investment brokers and traders roaming around, it could negatively impact the Real Estate market for those not fortunate enough to receive such a windfall. While many believe the real estate market is still unstable and that a bubble burst is imminent, others feel this surge in expendable cash will artificially inflate the market and put it out of reach for most people.

This article from Forbes Magazine indicated that the number of people receiving bonuses this year is down 5% from last year (41% to 36%). And even those 36% of people aren’t all receiving cash. 61% of them are receiving things other than money. Items such as gift certificates and food.

What kind of bonuses do you get where you work? Better or worse than last year? None at all? What do you think these massive Wall Street bonuses will do? A change for the better for the economy? Or more disparity between the wealthy and the low to middle class?

In a related note, here’s a funny blogger who works for a financial company. He apparently hates the Wall Street types, and had a series of really funny cartoons, with even funnier comments underneath them. I got a kick out of it.


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westy – you are the only competent one here. If you want to drive a Hummer, you pay the cost, your childredn will pay the cost, and the exports of the USA have been paying the cost of Job lose since the 60’s/so wise up,
clean house and start over best ou can. Buy Americna made
and stick with your own home made, retro reuse, and on and on, give life a break by responsibility going into a
mode of renewal by refinishing with antiques, heirlooms, our own creations, recycling, rebirth to pA crowded landfills; you are the generation that cares;these raises were ridiculous.

Put back what you take out, give when you can, try to get others to go forward to do the same.


[quote comment=”8480″]noone-
1. Your “apology” was hollow given that you were a bitch in the previous 8 pages of posts.
2. Funny story- I was in a parking garage yesterday with a friend (who knows nothing of our debate / my feelings on the Hummer) and we saw a hummer parked in there. He says “What kind of small d1cked ass drives one of those? I’d go for a sports car every time over that thing.” 😆

I found it highly amusing.[/quote]
[quote comment=”8775″][quote comment=”8720″]
bet you swallow everything else though.

Nah… I think you’ve got me confused with your mom.

Very intelligent rebuttal though. Keep up the good work.
Thanks for the tree hugger compliment…[/quote]

Just as an observer, why do you have to pick on noone so much??? I say you guys finish where you left off… 😕


[quote comment=”8720″]
bet you swallow everything else though.

Nah… I think you’ve got me confused with your mom.

Very intelligent rebuttal though. Keep up the good work.
Thanks for the tree hugger compliment…


[quote comment=”8695″] I try not to swallow every bit of tripe the media shoves down my throat.quote]

bet you swallow everything else though.

Maybe if you stopped all your yapping there would be a significant drop in methane and therefore a marked drop in global warming? I think there has to be a connection between the warm December we’re having and the amount of bs that flows from your mouth.

Tree Hugger.


You know what we should put our money into….things that would make Hoboken a better place to live.

Last night at the city council the councilpeople freted over the one time $9,000.00 it would cost to record and put the council meetings on public TV.

Anyone who has gone to one of these council sideshows can understand why the councilpeople would rather not have more people see how and what they do.

But someone has said that she will pay for the equipment. Now the council has no reason other than fear of exposure to voters not to get this program on the air.

That is a great way to spend a Christmas bonus.

If you can’t be that generous contribute to a council canidate that will change things for the better.

Can’t afford that just vote in May to clean house.