Complaints about 800 Madison (Upper Grand)


At what point does it become overbearing?

Over the past many months, Hoboken411 has received quite a few minor complaints against the URSA/Tarragon development near Shoprite called “800 Madison,” which is part of the Upper Grand series of buildings installed in the north and west areas of Hoboken. But none were quite compelling enough for a post. Instead I directed readers to specific posts if they felt the need to express themselves.

But one 411 reader was getting shafted so much, and wanted to vent:

Upper Grand Hoboken NJ logo - Complaints about 800 Madison (Upper Grand)“Oh where to begin with 800 Madison!

Possibly the worst management team on the entire East Coast. We signed our lease last summer with “promises” of the pool opening “any minute” and of course it didn’t open until THIS summer. All I can say is thank goodness we have an apartment away from the noise from the all hour parties in the courtyard would make anyone insane.

Not to mention the people having sex in the hot tub and pool after hours. Sure management is aware of it, so what do they do? They put too much chlorine in so that 2 different kids had their hair turn immediately shocking green!

They made us sign what they called a “staggered move out lease.” This is to bind us to stay until the first week of the month, but they made a verbal promise that if we moved out at the end of the month it wouldn’t be a problem. Sure, now that we are moving out they say we are responsible for the extra week, or approximately $700. Audrey Spina, the property manager, is by far the most obnoxious person and straight out liar. She will lie to your face and will never look you in the eye. They have a guest suite upstairs that you can rent by the day if you have company visiting. Two people in the building have put down deposits and have family coming from overseas, (one is having a baby any day) Audrey decided it didn’t matter that they had already reserved the apt and put down a deposit, instead she just leased it out saying the rent was more important than a signed lease for these people!

We had a mezuzah on our door only to have it stolen. When I went to the management, Audrey immediately blamed the college kids. We honestly haven’t had any problems with the college kids living here at all. Everybody knows that management is horrible. We all talk at the pool and share horror stories.

Tarragon (the owner of 800 Madison) knows how bad the team is here and keep sending people out since they are trying to sell the building. They are just as bad as the lazy team here.
Are there some people working here that are competent, sure? But they are few and far between.

Good luck to anyone that decides to move in here!”

But you can have the life you dreamed of!

I did want to point out – that you should take a look at the Upper Grand website.

But before you do that – you might want to arm yourself with some information first… take a look at the Psywar post on Hoboken411 from a few weeks ago. That great documentary talks about the history of propaganda, the origins of the press release – and how “advertising” had changed in the past 60 years – from selling a product based on it’s merits – to selling a “lifestyle” that people wish they had. Incredible.

If you were a big dummy, you’d think that by renting at 800 Madison you would achieve the following:

  • A fantastic lifestyle with friends of all ethnicities!
  • Synchronized swimming with your gal pals!
  • A great man you’d fall in love with and marry!
  • Kids, babies and strollers!
  • A steady job with granite and stainless steel waiting for you after work!
  • Hipper than the Gap and Apple people!

Nah – instead you get a fairly nice, but surely over-priced living quarters (i.e., “a box”) near the supermarket (and subsequent flooding). It’s up to you to make a your life worth something! That’s telling it like it is.

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Friday, July 8, 2011 4:41 pm

Can anyone tell me if the living conditions have improved? The apartments are beautiful and im considering renting? I hear they got a new management team…

Reply to  bbman529
Tuesday, August 9, 2011 4:49 pm

Can someone tell me the name of the property management company..and perhaps a name and phone number?[quote comment=”208497″]Can anyone tell me if the living conditions have improved? The apartments are beautiful and im considering renting? I hear they got a new management team…[/quote]

Thursday, September 30, 2010 12:35 am

And fittingly when talking about 800 Madison I see I’ve made a critical error: a list with two #4s :/

Thursday, September 30, 2010 12:34 am

As a Stevens Student in 800 Madison I can empathize with the plight of the poster. There has been so much about this building that has been mismanaged, even going back to the construction of the place. It’s all rather pathetic. Fortunately we as students don’t deal directly with management, but just by some of the mannerisms I am not surprised there would be complaints. I wasn’t here over the summer but heard that full-fledged residents had to hassle management over pool season extension. Then when I do get here it’s 0 chlorine one day, 0 oxygen the next. Not to mention I haven’t seen the hot tub operational one day yet due to the algae. Pro tip — you especially don’t do it when your company is bankrupt (hence why they can’t develop at 900 Monroe – the lot diagonally NW from 800 Madison next to the light rail/shoprite) In honor of this poster, and so all of 411 can have a laugh, let me present a top 5 list of most ridiculous issues with 800 Madison – Build to Present: 5. Only a bankrupt management company would instantly blame someone (Stevens units) for problems when they make up a significant portion of tenants. It’s not even a Management vs 1. (Though in fairness, Stevens Reslife can basically be the same way, so I guess this is hard to count.) 4. Sunken light fixtures that give 0 hand space around the edge of the bulb for replacement. 4. Gym… Read more »

Reply to  NJDevils1087
Monday, October 4, 2010 12:19 am

I was a tenant when the building was first built. I moved to 800 Mad in March 2009. They promised us the world. In the 14 months that I lived at 800 Madison, I never saw a pool. It wasn’t completed until Memorial day 2010. They also promised a security person at the doors. Why were desks installed in the Madison st entrance? The flooding has and will always be an issue at 800 Mad. Whenever there is hard rain or a period of storm weather, the 9th St side of the garage floods and since the garage is connected to the health club, it floods. It is then rendered usless since all of the treadmills are powered by electricity. It took months to get furniture to the roof decks. There were issues with the college students, ( 800 Mad residents they pay 2500-4000 each month for rent)The working non college residents were resentful to pay this kind of money to live in a college dorm. As far as your lighting issues, I have lived on the upper West Side of Manhattan, Trump Place on Riverside Place..bedrooms aren’t much different, Lighting is the same. No bedroom ceiling lights.As far a changing a bulb, All that you need is a step stool, the lights are fastening with spring clips . Very easy to change a bulb. Since you are a college student, you don’t have to negotiate the renewals each year. When you sign a lease at 800 Mad, you get… Read more »

Wednesday, September 29, 2010 5:15 pm

A quick comment on the manager referenced above, Audrey. I have had experience dealing with her when she was an employee at another very large rental property in town.

I was thrilled when I didn’t have to deal with her anymore. Enough said.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010 1:58 pm

Those upper grand marketing photos are ridiculous.

Reply to  NorthKrissy
Wednesday, September 29, 2010 3:01 pm

I would boycott based on those ads as well or I would at least wear a short that says “I moved here for the apt., not the wonderful new life”…like believing if you drink a certain brand of beer, you’ll be pulling hot chicks instantly. [quote comment=”198045”]Those upper grand marketing photos are ridiculous.[/quote]

Reply to  NorthKrissy
Wednesday, September 29, 2010 7:13 pm

I went to the DDon the west side andobserved the advertizing.It was a massive sign on the side of the building with women in bikinis and an 8 ball in the pic. The implication that if you live there you will score w these hot chicks. They might as wel have a hooters in the basement. Get real walk along Washington street and check out the reality… and never forget you are under water-literally in that area.[quote comment=”198045″]Those upper grand marketing photos are ridiculous.[/quote]

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