Cars + Hoboken = Smashed

I’ve been hearing WAY too many incidents of struck parked vehicles in Hoboken as of late. It’s getting tough to keep up!

Here’s a recent list.

  1. 12/13 (from reader emarche – on the Club H Fitness article): I walked home past Club H this evening, around 6/6:15. IF YOU WERE PARKED IN FRONT OF CLUB H AND SOMEONE WRECKED THE FRONT OF YOUR CAR…I (and three others) saw who did it:
    Red Ford Escape
    License Plate: PLY 77H
    Male Driver
  2. 12/12 – a “Raymond Glass” van from Jersey city smashed into two parked cars near 8th and Willow. This seems to be a brutal area lately. Police called the Company, but they didn’t report any jobs in Hoboken that day. No word on whether they solved this one.
  3. 12/12 – One of our own. EMS ambulance #134 hit a parked vehicle near 303 Jefferson St. No further details as to the make/model and extent of damage.

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This town is turning into that video game “Carmageddon”, where you get points to smash into stuff…