Beethoven’s Veranda

Taking over the sidewalk

Description –
A European Flower & Garden Boutique
Services – Plants, Garden center
Address – 108 10th St, Hoboken, New Jersey ( NJ ) 07030
Telephone – (201) 217-3919

Garden shop on 10th.JPG

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§ 168-45. Exemption; protrusion restrictions; interference. [Added 5-19-82 by Ord. No. C211; amended 9-4-1996 by Ord. No. R-198; 5-17-2000 by Ord. No. R-439] A. The provisions of this Article shall exempt the display and sale of merchandise by local retail merchants from the sidewalk area directly in front of their own storefronts. B. Said displays shall not protrude more than six (6) feet from the building line of the merchant’s premises or onethird (1/3) of the sidewalk abutting said premises, whichever is less, provided that a minimum of six (6) feet remains for the pedestrian right-of-way and/or passage way. Trees, tree wells, parking meters, trash receptacles, and other obstructions shall not be considered in determining the proper spacial area of the pedestrian right-of-way and/or passage way. Sidewalk space occupied by these abovementioned obstacles shall not be included in the calculation of available sidewalk area. No such display, sign, advertisement, or other type of placard shall be located in an area outside of the parameters defined herein. No such display shall be so placed as to protrude into or upon the sides of corner properties. C. No display shall be so placed as to interfere with the pedestrian right-of-way. D. The sidewalk space designated for such displays may only be utilized by a merchant who either owns the pertinent storefront area or rents directly from the owner of said storefront area. No such merchant may sublet or assign this sidewalk space to another merchant and/or individual.


Yikes, moephab!

Did anyone happen to catch a glimpse of the *pink* Christmas tree in the window? I haven’t decided what it is I should make of it, yet… 😯


I was walking by this place yesterday and noticed that he had trees displayed in the street. They had apparently run out of room on the side walk(Which with the way they have their displays set up only 1 person at a time can walk by) But to take up a parking spot too! Come on there has to be a law regarding this and the ammount of sidewalk space they take up. Anyone know?


I had an extremely unpleasant experience with them, in the old location, on 14th Street. When my mom and stepdad were getting married, in a low-key, courthouse ceremony, I popped in on my way there to grab some flowers for Mom. I obviously made a huge mistake by mentioning the word “wedding,” because even though I also mentioned that I was in a great hurry and running late, the owner lady, after picking out five roses for me, took about 15 minutes (I’m not exaggerating) to tie them with a ribbon, in a very simple bow that I could have tied better myself, and not only charged me $60 for the roses but, after a few more minutes of staring at the ceiling and moving her lips, came up with the charge of $15 for the gift wrapping. The whole transaction set me back $75 and made me 20 minutes late to the wedding. I would have done much better and faster at Fresh Pickin’s down the street.

This is not something you can “attempt to resolve” with the business; it’s only something that can make you resolve to never set foot there again – and to tell others. And she knew me, too; we bought our Christmas trees from them for several years before this. Who acts like this?!?


Sort of related to this thread and maybe edgarwilliams will know. Any good landscape architects in the Hoboken area? I friend of mine recently bought a place with a large backyard and looking for someone to design for them.