New affordable housing in Hoboken!


[Continuing the ORIGINAL Hoboken411 “Photo of the Day” series…]

Only affordable if your name is Mr. Hertz

Looking at this shiny 1950’s trailer, one might think that it’s cheaper to park in a parking spot (and get a ticket each day) than pay a fat rent or mortgage here in Hoboken.

“$45 day x 22 weekdays, that’s only $990 a month!” Well, sneak in the tow job you’d get once a week – and your cost goes up to $1790 a month.

But if your name is Hertz – you get your own dedicated parking spot – including street cleaning exemption – for a mere $100 per month. Maybe the city should charge Hertz a bit more closer to “market rate?”

That $100 a month deal that Hertz got should be an example in colleges across America. The class name? “How NOT to negotiate.”

Affordable Housing in Hoboken NJ

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