New poll system

Upgraded the polling system today. Previously, only one poll could be run at a time (in the left sidebar). It was clunky, used Javascript which caused some IE browsers to crash recently.

Now, with the wonder of AJAX technology, multiple polls can run simultaneously, and be included in articles as well.

So help decide which one should be next. I know this was discussed previously somewhere, but I cannot find it. I added a few to get started (for fun). But add your own. I’ll publish the poll on the left bar tomorrow.


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Scarlett, the sequel, sucked stylistically. I liked the ending to be sure, but the quality of the writing was sub par. I’m not surprised you would enjoy that type of 3rd grade level writing.

Scarlett, the character, was an impetuous woman. She married Frank not only to keep her family afloat, but also because she longed to have money and a better life. She was driven by money and the “love of Ashley Wilkes” throughout the book. That’s why she was calculated (she married Rhett for his money, Charles for revenge etc). Margaret Mitchell said in MANY interviews that she couldn’t believe that people rallied around Scarlett, and in fact, Melanie was her protagonist and truly a gentle, kind soul. She also noted Scarlett was the direct opposite – willful and self-centered. You may have noticed she was an attention whore as well.

Starting flame wars on this site (or any site) is not only entertaining, but it also garners the attention of many. So again, I question how you can say you “know” the book so well but then get it so wrong.

Finally, keep your pity for yourself. You need it. I actually live a pretty full and exciting life, when I’m not working 15 hours a day in December. You, on the other hand, seem to be sort of a drunk and definitely an attention whore (“vampire” “hungover at 10:30 am etc). Perhaps you drink to fill up the void in your life?


[quote comment=”7981″][quote comment=”7976″]Can I nominate a category for “most concrete thinker” (and least humour) for KScarlett?[/quote]
Only if you’re English. Then it’s humor. BTW, this is America.[/quote]

Whoa – maybe that’s been my problem!


When does the new poll go live?

And when does Happy Hour start?


[quote comment=”7975″]midnight – Ah, I see it now. That’s what I get for flying through her inane posts. Jeni- 1. I doubt you could have possibly read GWTW in its entirety. Not enough pictures or big type for you, I would guess. 2. If you did read it, you’d have noticed the Scarlett is an impetuous wretch, a bit of a shrew at times, and um, steals her sister’s own husband-to-be. So to say that anything I type is an injustice to her character is beyond retarded. 3. You provide me with entertainment. It’s not often that I have contact with a zombie, so when I have that opportunity I relish it.[/quote] 1. I reread it, and Scarlett, the authorized sequel by Alexanra Ripley, who also wrote my two other favs, Charleston and On Leaving Charleston, every spring. My family has a house on Kiawah Island, SC and I’m there every summer so it’s my kickoff, hell, I even have Gone With the Wind on my lappy. Anyone who knows me knows that I always have my face buried in a book. I’m currently reading Sarum, Collapse, A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genious and Tender Bar. 2. She does that for the bennifit of her family, she is cool and calculated which affords her the ability to keep her family afloat during the war. You, on the other hand have no reason to behave the way you do with igniting flame wars on the internet. I feel badly for you,… Read more »


[quote comment=”7976″]Can I nominate a category for “most concrete thinker” (and least humour) for KScarlett?[/quote]
Only if you’re English. Then it’s humor. BTW, this is America.