Friday 411 Updates: 9/17/2010


What changes were made on Hoboken411?

Here are this week’s “behind the scenes” (housecleaning) updates on

  • Chinese Massage Parlor changes hands: The Spring Massage joint that opened up at 2nd and Hudson three months ago has a new “grand opening” sign and “new management.” Maybe the Chinese Mob took care of this one, who knows.
  • Green Awning: Update the El Flamboyan Cuban restaurant listing. The old yellow awning got ripped to shreds at some point in the past (I forget if it was a fire they had in 2007 – or a wind storm last year). Anyone eat at El Famboyan regularly? Still cheap grub from what I can see.
  • Exterior Makeover: Revised The Pita Grill listing with their new renovations. Definitely makes the restaurant look more open and appealing from the street.
  • Now more legible! Four L’s Restaurant did the right thing – and removed the “script” (which probably caused the Signature Kitchen to become doomed). The new signage is much more readable and aesthetically pleasing. Smart move!
  • Final Nail in Coffin: Finalized the Gothic Cabinet Craft Furniture entry with the according photo of an empty store, and closed the thread for further commenting. Re-directed users to the Cheap Maggie’s thread created in it’s place.

That’s all I have time for this week – stay tuned for next week’s “Friday 411 Updates!”

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