Photo Gallery: HPD Protest March


Taking it to the streets

Besides the raw video posted of yesterday’s Hoboken Police Protest / March – here’s some additional photos from the scene.

Last night, the City Council rejected the resolution to request that the administration rescind the layoffs – insisting that the police audit conducted by the state was accurate, while still not mentioning the audit analysis provided by the PBA which contradicts those sentiments.

Sort of along the lines of not having three bids for an RFQ – just accepting the first one you get. You wouldn’t hire the first contractor you called without getting other quotes would you?

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It would be interesting to see a poll on here to understand if there is support or not for the layoffs.


The weight of the protestors tells you everything you need to know…They are all overpaid, overfed, and undeworked.


Lombardi said the city could expect a “crime hurricane wave,” if the lay offs were to happen.

Did he really say that? At what point does the behavior of those protesting become reckless and irrisponsible.

What, if any, oversight is there on the actions of the police force and those representing the police force during and after these layoffs. Is it unrealistic from hearing things like this that certain individuals may encourage crime/violance to try to prove a point.


Why are most of the people protesting obese?


Judging from that first picture, I would think they ran out of XXXL shirts fairly quickly.