Garden of Eden home delivery & coupon!

9/22/2010 Update:

Free tote bag, home delivery plus $5 coupon savings!

Lo behold – just a week or so after inquiring about Garden of Eden’s home delivery service – I discovered this little tidbit.

For one – I found out that online shopping at GoE is apparently “coming soon” – and they have a coupon where you can get a free tote-bag plus a $5 coupon on your next purchase of $25 or more. I’m sure many of you would appreciate the economic relief, regardless of how much!

Click the below image for full-size coupon you can print and bring to the store. Redeem now until November 30, 2010.

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Is Garden of Eden home delivery any good?

I don’t go to the supermarket often these days, but I noticed this delivery bike in front of Garden of Eden Marketplace (226 Washington) the other day.

Curious about how it worked – I went to their website only to find no additional information about the delivery service.

I suppose you need to call your order in, but I’m wondering how well that works. With most other grocery stores that offer delivery, you can usually order online (Shoprite, Fresh Direct). Is it just for emergency supplies that you forgot for a recipe? You can imagine how difficult it’d be to order three red apples, a pound of roast beef and half a dozen rolls – since there is such a large variety of each. A 20 minute question and answer session via telephone doesn’t sound too convenient, and may be prone to screw-ups.

Does anyone use this service? If so, how is it?

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At the A&P, the delivery service simply brings your groceries to your door after you’ve done your shopping yourself in-store. I’d imagine that’s how it works at Garden of Eden, too.