More strange birds

A while ago, what I had thought was an Eagle made an appearance in Hoboken (it was actually a Hawk).

That seemed to create some interest amongst readers. It was cool to see an unusual animal (other than the occasional criminal) make it’s way into town.

Here we have a reader who saw yet another wacky specimen. He’d like to test our bird-experts out there to see what this crazy foul was!

Dear Hoboken411:

A while ago you had a post about a hawk, which I had the good fortune to see twice in and near Stevens Park. bird02.jpgA few nights ago my dog flushed a bird in the corner of the dog run in Stevens Park. In the dark it looked like a quail – fat body and small head. It ran a few yards and then flew off. This morning on the way to work I saw it again as it had crashed into Marineview Plaza (across from Stevens Park). I made a pathetic attempt at rescuing it – which involved calling Hoboken PD, two of the vets in town and an animal control number. I put it in a box near the doorman in Marineview with some cloth to keep it warm and hidden.

Left it hoping it would recover and fly away. Got home to no sign of it.

Anyway am wondering what it might be. If you have the time and inclination please post the photos to see if anyone knows what it is.

Many thanks!

Name that bird!

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See, Hoboken is such a cute town, even the strange birds (Sandpiper) are joining the hords of homo sapien sapiens moving here.

I wonder if Archstone will use this observation to increase rents even more.


Its clearly, as Furey said, some kind of shore or marsh bird. The curved beak is interesting. I can’t place it for certain, its fluffy like juveniles, so its harder to judge.


If that is in fact a dowitcher, here’s some interesting information:


my vote goes to the short-billed dowitcher. last year we came upon one that had flow into the window of the Palace hotel. We trapped it (and it’s 90 degree bent beak) in the revolving door, just as a nice lade from KS was comeing out. Of course, she happened to be a Veterinary Nurse (!) and calmly scooped her up and dropped her in a box. We held the poor thing until NYC parks could come get it and then she was taken to the Bx zoo…. try this link:


I think that damn hawk is now in weehawken, yesterday when I was the yard with the 2 pugs — a very strange bird came flying in – it was large and scary- I got the doggies in before they were prey.