Hoboken Knits!

hobokenknits.gifSeeing that Patricia’s Yarns has been a growing cult hit in Hoboken, it’s spawned some off-shoot groups that have begun gathering in town!

“Hoboken Knits!” is a group that currently meets on Tuesday nights (starting at 7:30pm) at the Frozen Monkey Cafe. Right now they have about 8 people a week and they’re really all different levels of knitters. They currently come from all over (Hoboken, Jersey City, and even some Bergen County folks too!)

For those that are interested, you can join their Yahoo! Group here:

Believe it or not, knitting is becoming so popular in Hoboken that even Good Kleen Fun has started carrying scarf knitting kits (that come with instructions) in 8 different styles. They also held 2 classes and the response was so great that they now have a sign up sheet for a 3rd class! Contact GKF for more info. Andrea mentioned that if you’re struggling with your skills, check this website out: knittinghelp.com.

See some of the girls in action below!


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