Want a free LED flashlight?


Flashlights are extremely handy and useful

For those that know me, understand the obsession I have with all sorts of illuminating devices. From 10 million candle-power spotlights, to the latest cutting-edge LED technology – I’ve always been fascinated with how incredibly bright they keep making them!

How to get your free LED flashlight (plus S&H)

I was at Home Depot in Jersey City recently, and bought a small Coast tactical LED flashlight for around $25 bucks, and it’s even brighter than a $100 model bought at Brookstone just five years ago. Amazing progress they’re making on these wonderful bulbs.

Anyway, with that recent Hurricane Earl that came within a couple hundred miles of making our lives miserable (with potential power outages, etc) – it reminded me to post this “preparedness update.”

Inside the Coast package was an offer for a free “Mini Tac” flashlight. Go to this web page and fill out your details: http://www.coastportland.com/surveyCCpp.php – All you have to do is pay the $3.50 shipping (I got mine delivered in a couple days.)

This is certainly a fair deal, because the exact model will cost you $18.00 delivered on Amazon.

These mini LED flashlights are surprisingly bright, and can be useful in your car glove box, in your bag or briefcase, or near your bed. Bulbs practically never burn out – and batteries last quite a long time. Imagine another “planned” PSE&G Power Outage comes to Hoboken? You’ll be thankful for having one nearby.

Enjoy the rest of your day!

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Harbor Freight Tools has coupons in various magazines for a similar free one as well, if anyone is ever near one.