Did you lose a love bird?


Please get control of your birds!

Birds seem to be the number one “lost” pet around these days. Maybe it has something to do with those wacky wings, who knows.

Anyway, Hoboken411 reader Keith found this bird-brain, and said:

“Love bird, near Harrison street between First and Second. The bird is in a safe foster home with us. Living with other birds. We want to find it’s owner. Please forward any information about a lost Love bird here. I suspect the owner lives in the neighborhood, such as the high rise across the street from us, but not sure how to contact them.”

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I’m just seeing this posting a few months later but did the love bird have a yellow body and
orange head when you saw her in septemeber?


Just in case he got out again… A bird that looks similar to this is chirping and squawking near my house. He’s on a tall tree behind Garden St. near 7 stars pizza on 4th St. He has a orange/yellowish head.