Wild Noodles coming to Hoboken

At least that’s what their East Hanover store says!

Popular franchise Wild Noodles is apparently coming to Hoboken. No one on site yesterday knew exactly where, but they indicate that they’ll be opening up a location in our fine town this coming February 2007.

wildnoodles.gifOur first guess is within the Maxwell Place complex, but we could be wrong! Will hope to find out more one of these days.

While we’ve never eaten there personally, Wild Noodles seems to specialize in lots of “bowl” oriented dishes. From Asian, to Italian, American and more, they have a lot of different spicy options on their menu.

I know a few people that have eaten there, and have had nice things to say. Apparently the Mac & Cheese is to die for. Has anyone else tried their dishes? What do you think? Will this just be another so-so Panera Bread type location?

We’ll all find out sooner or later!

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anyone hear anything about this place?


I have eaten at the Wild Noodles that was in Ridgewood, NJ several times. That location is now closed. I did find the asian style bowls quite tasty. I don’t think Ridgewood was a good fit for them, but I wouldn’t be suprised if they do well in Hoboken due to the “grab some dinner on the way home” crowd. Last year, they told me their Hoboken location was going to be on Hudson St. (now where the Citibank/Subway/Salad place is). Obviously, that’s changed.


Wgenese, there is a difference between accent and pronunciation – I’m from LI, and while my pronunciation reflects that (I don’t say water the way a Midwesterner does, for example), I dropped that accent like a hot potato – the NJ/LI/NY accent IS as embarrassing as the Boston or Texas accent, if not more so thanks to shows like the Sopranos.

But seriously, where did the whole dropping of the vowels on Italian words come from? I have a lot of friends that say those words like that, but hear from Italians that it’s incorrect.


[quote comment=”7185″]
He also had a great opinion about people who insist on leaving vowels off of Italian foods (ex. “Mani-COTT”, “Pro-SHOOT”), etc. but I digress.
[quote comment=”7189″]I think its flat out hysterical that Ital Americans think saying “manicott” and “muzzarell” is the right way say those words. They really embarrass themselves when they go visit the homeland and figure it out.[/quote]
There are some grandparents of kids I grew up with on my moms block (9th and Washington) that came off the boat and they sometimes use the term “red gravy”. They also drop the vowels for certain words (Mani-COTT, Pro-SHOOT, etc). Most of the Italians that immigrated to Hoboken generations ago came from Molfetta & Bari.
We affectionately refer to them as “muffies”. I don’t know if that has anything to do with it. I think it’s more of a North Jersey thing. I have a pronounced North Jersey accent. I use “sauce” but I do drop my vowels (anyone got a f**king problem with that ;-] ) Drop my “r” also(water = wattuh) My dads crew used to say “terlit”(toilet) and “erl”(oil). My speech pattern simply reflects the environment I was raised in and though I realize that my enunciation is less than perfect, I wouldn’t change a thing.
Anyway, I don’t think they are anymore embarrassed than a Bostonian in Texas or a Texan in Fargo, etc. etc.


If we had a gun shop on Washington Street there would be people getting shot down on the street corners in a hail of bullets….like they do Jackson Street!