Google Maps Pedometer

You ever wonder how long your walk to the PATH is? Or how many calories you’re NOT burning because you took a cab instead of walking? Now you can see.

Here’s a cool little Google Maps mashed-up application that will measure the distance you walked.

Simply find the area you walked, click “begin recording”, then just double-click each turn to plot the points on the map. It will measure the distance for you. Sort of the way Google Earth already does. Though this application can also give you a rough estimates of the calories burned during your walk. Just enter your weight and there ya go.

But I’m a bit doubtful about the calorie counter. According to this, I typically burn between 600-900 calories on my daily walks, and I’m still gaining weight. Maybe there should be a “beer factor” based on zip code that is factored in the equation. Or if I walk past Molfetta Pizza, then it deducts.

Here’s a recent walk I just did:


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yeh, I liked when it used to go to Hoboken on default.


This google maps hack was originally a creation of “sue and paul” who I believe live in Hoboken. I first found it on the runners world BBS and found it remarkable that when I opened it, it went straight to Hoboken. “How’d they do that?” I asked myself.

Then I think they sold it to google which is when the URL changed to what’s listed in this article.

It’s really useful for runners – especially around marathon training season.


For one of these that’s a little more user-friendly, check out I’ve been using it to measure my running routes for the past year – it’s nifty.


cool. i thought it was a mile from the path to my place, turns out i was right!