Watermusic Project

Here we have the next item “up for bids” on the “Council’s Right” City Council meeting this week.

This is more of a community/artists based project on 10th and Madison, promising rare open space and community facilities. It is said that it will offer a 12,000 sq. ft. public access art center and theatre, outside promenade and possibly a sculpture garden. The intent is for this space to be for our community, and to be used for theater productions and ongoing art exhibitions. The developers are supposedly open to community input, which is (almost) unheard of!

However, the plans have changed somewhat from the rendering you’ll see below. It’s exactly the same, except 12 stories. That’s double the prevailing height of the surrounding buildings.

This will be on the agenda this week 12/6. The presentation is at the caucus at 6pm, and the vote at 7pm.

Should these variances be granted since it’s a more community friendly project? Or should we all be afraid of all mega-building concepts being presented over the past month (14th & Park, SW Parks, Train Terminal, etc)? Will these taller buildings make Hoboken better or just over-populate our city and decimate our already stressed infrastructure?

You decide.

Link to the Architect (fifth picture): http://nastasiarchitects.com/

watermusic - Watermusic Project

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Indeed, Water Music has joined the condo lobby. No surprise here, they supported the mayor and company in their re-election. Why are they asking for community support?


judging from the pictures, that thing is at least 10 stories tall.
the ground floor ‘art center” seems to be the first 4 floors of the building.
it would be sad to see Water music go.
I used to record at Waterfront studios.
which is now a damn condo lobby.
Let’s just take all the personality out of Hoboken!
soon , all that will remain are apartments, banks, and realtors! whoopy!

Red Haven
Red Haven

So, the developer is distributing pictures of a building that looks like it’s 7 or 8 stories tall, but they are really asking for a 12 story building. If that’s the situation, it seems a bit disingenuous.

Pete Lacis

Does this mean that Water Music (the recording studio at the same address) is closing? Please say it isn’t so! So many amazing records have been recorded there!