Internet Explorer 6 sucks

Geek Alert:

iesucks.pngThere had been a slight issue with Hoboken411 for readers still using IE6 as their browser. I used to have a copy of that running on one of my other PC’s, but Windows automatically upgraded it to the new IE7. So I had no way to beta test the site’s cross-browser compatibility issues.

Thanks Timber (and Red) for pointing it out. The technical issue is with the way some of the headlines are rendered in Flash to give it a cleaner look, rather than just text. But IE6 made the line 6 pixels too wide, thus forcing the right sidebar to the bottom. It’s a very finicky thing I have to be careful about. The problem is now rectified. Sorry about that!

It works fine with Firefox and the new IE7. I know changing habits is hard, but some of you may consider upgrading!

And for those still using IE6, please continue letting me know if there are problems viewing it.

Much appreciated!

EDIT: I found a way to have both IE6 and IE7 on the same machine. See this link if you’re interested:

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