Yes I Do! (For Sale)

Yes I Do! For sale in Hoboken, NJ

Do you want to fulfill your dreams of owning a invitation and gift store? Know anyone that does? Because Yes I Do! (at 312 Washington) is currently for sale!

Yes I do for sale Hoboken NJ - Yes I Do! (For Sale)

Why is Yes I Do! up for sale?

For the past 17 years in Hoboken (14 at the current location), Yes I Do! has been the one-stop place for Wedding Invitations, gifts and more.

The owner Susanna had a great run here in Hoboken. She was born & raised in Venezuela (but of Sicilian heritage as her parents migrated there in the 50’s.) Her family successfully became well known building developers in Venezuela.

She was an Attorney by trade, but decided to give the big ‘ole USA a shot to study English back in 1992. She never looked back as she followed her family’s entrepreneurial spirit by opening “Yes I Do!”

And one of the main reasons the store is up for sale is because Susanna actually said “Yes I Do!” to her now husband Tommy Curran a little over a year ago. And they’re looking to have more time together in their new, happy life – and Susanna will take her business smarts and organizational skills as she joins Tommy to work at North American Elevator, a commercial elevator company that services New York and New Jersey.

If you or anyone you know would like to inquire about buying the store from them – give them a call at (646)879-4887.

Good luck Susanna and Tommy!

Yes I Do! Remodels in Hoboken, NJ

10/29/2011 Update:

Looking to refresh their image in hopes of increased visibility and a bump in sales – the Yes I Do! Gift Shop & Invitations store (312 Washington St.) is presently undergoing a style makeover – and will be closed until November 8, 2011.

Yes I Do! Owner Susanna Battaglia combined the decision to spruce up the stale interior with their 10-year anniversary in Hoboken – saying it was about time to freshen up the shop.

For those that are more interested in the interior design of the establishment over what they actually sell – the store will undergo a layout change and a “fresh” new color pattern. However, with the more efficient design, room for some new tchotchkes will be made available.

Just in time for the 2011 Holiday season, too!

Yes I do Hoboken NJ gift shop and invitations renovations 2011 - Yes I Do! (For Sale)

yes i do invitations - Yes I Do! (For Sale)

Description: Stationery, Invitations, accessories store.
Services: Wedding invitations, stationery, accessories, favors, cards (baby, social, holiday), photo albums, gifts
Address: 312 Washington St, Hoboken, NJ 07030-4842
Telephone: (201) 659-3300

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