Not much of a Concern: Hurricane Earl

9/3/2010 Update:

Earl exiting stage right

The once ominous Hurricane Earl seems to be packing his bags and heading out of town.

Earl is quickly losing strength and rapidly heading east off the coast. Now, the forecast is even further east than originally expected – with the (much welcomed) cold front approaching from the west doing a number on Mr. E.

My prediction is that all we may see is a stray band of precipitation and higher than normal winds. By tonight – we’ll forget about Earl – but at the same time should say “thank you” for not ruining our weekend with cleanup and other nonsense. Be on your merry way!

PS – also note that Earl and Fiona must be dating – because she became deflated and is now taking cues from Earl and bidding farewell too.

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9/2/2010 Update:

Earl moving up the coast

Friendly reminder to keep an eye on where this storm goes. Some weather enthusiasts believe it’s tracking further west than originally predicted… stay tuned and hope it makes a radical turn out to sea sooner rather than later.

9/1/2010 Update:

Hurricane Earl precariously close to east cost

Hoboken is most likely not going to feel the full force of Hurricane Earl – but some peripheral effects are anticipated… from high wind gusts and possible rains (depending on exact track).

So stay tuned to you local weather forecasts and potential warnings!


May effect your Labor Day Weekend one way or another

While still five days out – weather forecasters are saying the potential exists for the now Category 2 Hurricane Earl to affect the east coast.

Where this hurricane ends up remains to be seen – but even if the storm doesn’t make landfall, it looks as if it could affect the holiday weekend surf conditions at the very least.

If this storm presents any threat by the end of the week, I’m sure it’ll be the top news story everywhere. Just giving you heads up!

Also note that forecasters suggest that the next tropical storm to follow (Fiona) also has the potential to affect the east coast.

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Another great call by the so called experts,I don’t think these experts could find their ass’s with either hand. I was down at the ocean less then a hour ago surf was rough but no where as bad as these so called experts claim. RAIN, a slight sprinkle that’s it. Now the bull shit excuses come out as the pat themselves on the back for their coverage.


Between 2 PM and 8 PM tomorrow the Eye of the Hurricane will be at worst case 85 Miles off the Coast from Atlantic City to Long Island. This should whip up winds and a nice storm surge along the coast. All Forecasts are subject to change.


Surf’s up!