Brown Water? This is why…

Customers in Hoboken & Jersey City have brown water

…But Water Is Safe For Drinking

United Water customers in Hoboken and Jersey City may have discolored water this evening and throughout part of the day tomorrow.

The discoloration is caused by high levels of naturally occurring minerals in the water and a buildup of harmless sediment. Although the water is discolored, it poses no health risks and it meets safe drinking water standards. However, customers may prefer to wait until it runs clear before drinking or washing clothes or dishes.

According to John Hroncich, operations manager for United Water Jersey City, company crews have been flushing fire hydrants throughout the day in order to help clear the discolored water from the mains. In addition, the company has increased the amount of chlorine used to treat the water and has screens in place to help remove the sediment.

Hroncich explained that the discolored water was the result of an equipment problem at the water treatment plant in Boonton. This sent a large amount of water, known as a “spike,” through the aqueduct, which disturbed the sediment in the mains.

“We apologize for the inconvenience,” said Hroncich. “We are working to resolve the problem as quickly as possible.”

For the latest updates Jersey City customers can visit or call 1-800-575-4433. Hoboken customers can visit or call 1-800-422-5987.

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We have a ZeroWater jug that comes in really handy at times like this- it litterally take 100% of the stuff out of the water. They sell it at Target.


Yay. I missed Bown Water. It’s like a delicacy.


“Slight discoloration”? Our water is the color of coffee. Time to dip into our supply of bottled water for a while.


ditto. We let it run for a while too. Gross. [quote comment=”196716″]“Slight discoloration”? Our water is the color of coffee. Time to dip into our supply of bottled water for a while.[/quote]