Parking passes like pulling teeth in Hoboken

9/8/2010 Update:

Mello & Sacs unresponsive to residents

Hoboken411 reader (and resident) Brian is also having issues with getting his parking sticker, and feels he’s in a unique situation because his parents own the car he uses here in the Mile Square.

“After the post about Parking Permits I feel like I need to tell you my story.

It is a royal pain in the ass to get a parking permit in this city. I moved here a couple of months ago and I can still not get a Parking Permit. My drivers licenses says that I am a resident of Hoboken but my registration does not.

The reason of this is because my parents own my car. One might think that I am trying to commit insurance fraud, but I am not. I have documentation from my insurance company saying they know my car is garaged in Hoboken. I have brought this documentation to the attention of Councilman David Mello. He told me that “they have never seen this situation before.”

He then brought this information to the attention to the Director of the Parking Authority Ian Sacs. He said they could not make an exemption because “they do not want hundreds of other people trying this.” Well my argument to that is if you never heard of this before do you really think a lot of people are in the same situation. I am a resident of Hoboken I sleep in my apartment on Bloomfield st every night WHY CAN I NOT PARK ON BOTH SIDES OF THE STREET?

David Mello said he was going to follow up with me again but he is now blowing me off. I have tried calling David and Ian many times and they do not pick up or return phone calls. What even gets me more mad is that they have taken two spots on my street up for the Hertz car.

I do not know what else to do. I feel like this is really unfair when I really do live here and I am not committing any fraud.”

Do you think that using your parents car in Hoboken disqualifies you as a resident?

See original temporary parking permit conundrum after the jump…


They treat parking passes like airport security in Hoboken

For the most part, 99% of residents in Hoboken are honest, good people. They try to get by, and want to enjoy the positive aspects of the Mile Square. That includes trying to obtain parking permits for friends or family members.

However, Hoboken411 reader Tom thinks that the parking pass situation at City Hall is way beyond control, and an utter display of government inefficiencies.

Parking: Are you kidding me?

“So, I recently moved to Hoboken and am having my family come down for the day (today) for their first time. From what I understood, as a resident you can pay $5 for a parking pass for the day. I went to City Hall last night and was told I would need proof of residency in order to obtain a parking pass, fair enough.

I returned this morning with the only 2 items I have so far (I only moved in last week), a bill from Cablevision, and MY LEASE. I was told this was not enough to prove I lived here and unless I had 3 items I could not get a PARKING PASS, this was not conveyed to me last night. Needless to say my family’s opinion of my new town is not off to a good start. Am I being outrageous to think this is outrageous?

Great site, keep up the good work.


Should the temporary parking permit requirements be changed? Especially for new residents who may not have the paperwork needed?

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I haven’t received the renewal notice as of today. I called and was told the deadline to
renew is 4/30/13. Therefore, I’m going there with my documents to renew.


Has anyone received their 2013 renewal notice letter? It’s very late this year.


WT1 — not at all doubting people won’t try to wring the system for everything they can get, but john14 is right on here. None of this crap about insurance fraud, people claiming entitlements, stevens, this, that, the other thing. It’s a residential parking permit. If you live here, you can get one. Really the end of the matter for me.

I’d agree that it’s nonsense you have to pay to park in your own town as well Wiskey, but surely the bickering that goes on here just takes the onus off City Hall and co. to continue the status quo of being an inept service (the parking authority), ticketing residents at every opportunity, and generally being a pain in the ass to the people that pay their salaries while they get some extra Hertz cars to show up.

None of the in-fighting here is going to help from the bnrs and yuppie sides of the argument. Just going to let city hall keep screwing what they’re screwing… I mean doing what they’re doing.


1087 about 10 years ago stevens students tried to get over with the pkg permits but a sharp eyed person got wise to them..nothing to do with u but if people can get over they will try..forget bnr and yups..I cannot accept the fact that citizens have to pay to park in the town they reside in..stevens students should be exempt and park on their property steven grounds pkg lot.robin red vest was concerned about sybels chit hole cave rather than seeking a solution to the pkg problem..The more developement the more cars come into hoboken..Sacs has a degree in transporting enginering? atta way.
keep bringing in them zip cars to take up more space..stupid is as stupid does. :mrgreen:


I don’t get all these comments supporting this asinine system. It’s a RESIDENTIAL permit. If you can prove you LIVE in Hoboken, who the hell cares about the rest of the paperwork?

All this nonsense, while only six parking permits were turned in for the Hertz cars. Big winner!