Tony Robbins issues economic warning


Should you worry when Tony Robbins says stuff?

I have quite a few discussions going with many people in Hoboken as of late, wondering what the future of our economy is going to bring.

On the one hand you have the government and other bogus, low-rated cable networks (like CNBC) talking about recovery this and recovery that. Meanwhile, it seems as if the rest of the country doesn’t quite believe that. Consumer spending is down, the housing market is at a 15 year low (despite the lowest mortgage rates ever?) and more. I know several people in town that have just cut their expenses tremendously in preparation for something bigger coming. The sentiment is “in the air” from what I gather.

Anyway, a couple folks sent in links to a recent Tony Robbins video – where he “acts out of character” in an effort to semi-warn his fans of what the possibilities are (and to do their own research.) One reader said: “Uh oh, if Tony Robbins is talking like this – we better watch out!”

Take it any way you wish. I hope these tidbits of information I share don’t come true – but at least I can say you’ve been warned!

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