Tilted Kilt: Metrostop Hoboken

Tilted Kilt Hoboken – A cut above the rest?

A few weeks ago, we finally got a chance to stop in at the Tilted Kilt to check the place out.

It was a Friday night after Thanksgiving, so we thought it would be on the quiet side. It was anything but!

There was a good crowd, and the vibe was more of a bar than a restaurant. (The table of really loud guys behind us probably didn’t help though). The answer to the obvious question is: Yes, the girls in fact had bare midriffs and plaid bras and short kilts. While that seems to be a selling point in general, their costumes didn’t really seem too over-the-top. I couldn’t help but think how many of them call out sick in the dead of winter when they have to work a whole shift like that – but I digress…

Our waitress was great, and she very helpfully recommended drinks and food off the menu. We both had cheeseburgers – the TK Inferno Burger and the Black & Bleu Burgerand they were both fantastic! (As well as the garlic fries…)

I figured that as a sports pub the TK would have just your average burger, but these definitely were a cut above that and I’d go back for another. As for the overall “experience,” while I prefer a place that’s not as loud, and dimmer, with a more cozy layout – but the place is still very clean and well decorated with all sorts of Irish memorabilia on the walls and a really nice bar that seats a good number of people.

Does location matter? Does good food and drink matter?

It’s most certainly not the place to bring your girlfriend on Valentine’s Day, but with that said it probably is one of your good bets for a Sunday football game and much-better-than-average pub food.

One last drawback that I should mention is the location – because it’s at the Metro Stop it’s more effort than just plopping down at your good old place around the corner. Then again, there is the cleavage factor that guys out there are bound to consider.

Would you say that’s just your typical Hoboken cost benefit analysis?

Tilted Kilt Hoboken set to open in November 2011

10/31/2011 Update:

Spoke with management over at The Tilted Kilt (in the Metrostop Building at 800 Jackson St.) the other day – and they’re hopeful that by the second week of November, they’ll be ready to open their doors for the 140+ capacity bar & restaurant for everyone to enjoy their 50 television sets. That’s one TV for every three people!

Tilted Kilt Hoboken opening soon!

10/6/2011 Update:

A lot has happened in the six months since the previous Tilted Kilt Bar / Restaurant update!

Construction crews have been working fast the past 10 weeks on the establishment – and hope to be open before Halloween (if everything goes as planned).

Looks like besides the standard pub fare – Tilted Kilt should be a sports-lovers dream bar – as 50 flat-screen TV’s will pepper the interior from every single angle!

Tilted Kilt stuck in the mud?

3/18/2011 Update:

A couple readers asked about the Tilted Kilt Bar / Restaurant that’s apparently coming to the MetroStop building near the 9th Street Light Rail station.

A sign is up – but the interior essentially has looked like that for as long as I can remember.

Wonder what they’re waiting for? And do you think a large chain bar & restaurant would be profitable in that area of town?

Tilted Kilt and Melting Pot?

12/20/2010 Update:

Tilted Kilt Hoboken New Jersey 800 Jackson Street Metrostop - Tilted Kilt: Metrostop HobokenA brief update to the Tilted Kilt post from this past summer…

  1. What was once thought to be a rumor – seems a bit more realistic today, as there is an official Hoboken location listed on the Tilted Kilt website.
  2. Additionally, in yesterday’s New York Times – an article about development on Hoboken’s west side indicated that The Melting Pot would be moving from the prime waterfront location (restaurant looked dead when I walked by on Saturday night…) to the Metrostop building at 800 Jackson Street.

    “Mr. Geibel’s project, which opened two years ago, is now about 75 percent sold, he said. He recently leased the 4,500-square-foot glassed-in ground floor space to a popular restaurant, the Melting Pot, which will move from its current riverfront site.”

  3. The owner listed for the Hoboken Tilted Kilt is the same owner as the Melting Pot – Nirav Patel. Makes you wonder – why would one restaurant owner invest all their Hoboken eggs in one under-developed location on the dead end of town? Also makes you wonder if the NY Times got the story wrong?

Melting Pot Hoboken NJ moving to Metrostop - Tilted Kilt: Metrostop Hoboken

Tilted Kilt looks like an Irish Hooters


Word on the street is that a Tilted Kilt bar / restaurant franchise is coming to the Metrostop condo building on the west side (800 Jackson St.) of Hoboken. I’ve never heard of Tilted Kilt until today – but a quick glance at their website indicated they take great pride in the official uniform that employees wear at these establishments. Scantily clad girls similar to how Hooters does it.

Tilted Kilt Pub Eatery coming to Metrostop Hoboken NJ - Tilted Kilt: Metrostop Hoboken

Here’s how Tilted Kilt describes their restaurants:

Spreading Cheer and Serving Beer Across the Land
Welcome to the Tilted Kilt Pub & Eatery! Pull out a barstool and get comfortable—we’re going to show you what you can expect inside each and every Tilted Kilt across America. For starters, you will always find five things: ice cold beer and plenty of it, a mouthwatering menu full of the pub fare you love, every sporting event you desire to watch year-round, a festive atmosphere full of fun and friends, and, last but not least… attractive cast members eager to put a smile on your face and make you feel right at home.

We’re in the business of lifting spirits one burger, one beer, one guest, one visit, at a time. So, the next time you’re nearby, whether at happy hour, noon or night, stop in and see us. The Tilted Kilt experience is one-of-a-kind and will always leave you in a better mood than when you arrived. Now, it’s up to you to find out why “A Cold Beer Never Looked So Good.”

Their website doesn’t list a NJ location yet, however.

They also sell calendar of their “attractive cast members” and even made a video about it:

Would you attend the Tilted Kilt if it came to Hoboken? Even on the west side of town?

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Wednesday, December 21, 2011 1:02 pm

Compensation commensurate with cup size?

Reply to  jonsie
Wednesday, June 20, 2012 8:57 pm

it is funny how often they mess up orders, too many rookies. girl on the phone couldn’t answer what were the side order choices, or the salad dressings….kept me on hold for three minutes…then they included fries with the dish anyway, and charged me for a salad that should have been the side. food was just OK. staff obv. isn’t trained properly, nor do they take the job seriously – must explain the high turnover, to an extent.[quote comment=”213019″]Compensation commensurate with cup size?[/quote]

Reply to  AustinPowers
Sunday, July 15, 2012 6:43 pm

Is this the only one doing bad?

http://www.insideedition.com/videos/1500/the-new-resturant-chains-sweeping-the-nation.aspx%5Bquote comment=”216115″]it is funny how often they mess up orders, too many rookies. girl on the phone couldn’t answer what were the side order choices, or the salad dressings….kept me on hold for three minutes…then they included fries with the dish anyway, and charged me for a salad that should have been the side. food was just OK. staff obv. isn’t trained properly, nor do they take the job seriously – must explain the high turnover, to an extent.[/quote]

Sunday, November 13, 2011 1:49 pm

this is the worst restaurant i ever been 2!! i went to the grand opeing and the girls r disgusting!!! the servive is awful….ur sitting there for at least ten minutes before you any1 even acknowledges you and when i got my food there was a peice of hair in it!!!!! food sucks, service sucks, and the managers have no idead what there doing!!! i do not reccomend even walking by this awful spot!!

Thursday, November 10, 2011 12:59 pm

I hear that it has opened now, how about a post with some pics from it completed?

rich k
rich k
Tuesday, November 1, 2011 7:48 am

Two observations:
– it’s great that they are right next to the 9th/Congress HBLR stop. To bad it stops running before closing time.
– 50 TVs? One could have a lot of fun with a universal remote. 50 screens of CSPAN2, anyone?

Monday, October 31, 2011 1:43 pm

As generic as this place looks, it will be a welcome addition to the neighborhood.

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