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A few bicycle-related items for you today…

Don’t forget to register your bike with Hoboken PD!

Registering your bicycle with Hoboken Police Department - Hoboken Bike UpdatesRegistering your bicycle with the Hoboken Police is more important than you think. By logging your credentials, along with your bike make, model and serial number – it will assist the police department with the identification of bicycle theft.

An interesting incident was overheard the other day on the Hoboken411 Live Police and Fire Action Channel. A man, who had previously reported his bike stolen – said that he spotted his bike secured to a pole outside Pita Grill on Washington Street – with a different lock. He wanted his bike back, but since his wheels weren’t registered with the HPD – nor could he produce any documentation for the bike, they didn’t return it to him, but instead entered it into the evidence locker.

It would be wise to give your bike’s information to your home or renters insurance provider as well.

Selective Bike Thievery by City of Hoboken

Remember how a bright orange notice was adhered to an innocent mountain bike along Washington Street earlier this month? Indicating that the bike would be seized by the city if not removed?

Well, it seems as if that bike was specifically targeted – and not part of a citywide policy to remove abandoned bikes chained to trees, poles or other objects. Because this banged up, rusty piece of junk has been chained to a tree along Hudson Street for over a year! It’s completely un-rideable with a bent rim and decaying parts. And it’s practically right around the corner from the other offending bike.

This, and countless other bikes are abandoned all over the mile square – including many by the PATH station which are taking up valuable bike rack space. But if there was enough bike parking, the angry note-leaving bike snob would have nothing to do!

busted bike remains chained to tree in Hoboken NJ - Hoboken Bike Updates

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Thursday, August 26, 2010 4:57 pm

Aren’t some bikes still at the PATH since 9/11?

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