Hoboken Pizza Possum makes predictions


Hooray! Dozzino Pizza will be incredible!

Did you know that a new Hoboken tradition started the summer of 2010?

Just like groundhog day, when Punxsutawney Phil makes his prediction for the remainder of the winter season, the generic-named “Hoboken Pizza Possum” (HPP) is also skilled at making predictions.

Hoboken Pizza Possum 6th and Adams Street - Hoboken Pizza Possum makes predictions

But unlike just seeing his shadow, the HPP simply needs to make an appearance for his prediction to be known. If he is spotted at a pizza place under construction – we have a guaranteed winner! If he doesn’t show his face, you can keep the seat warm in the doomed Hoboken business section, because their future looks grim.

In this particular case – the Pizza Possum happily showed up near the upcoming Dozzino Artisanal Pizza at 6th and Adams Streets this week. This means area residents are in luck! “Great pizza is coming soon,” says HPP!

I also heard through the animal grapevine – that there are many layoffs in the wild kingdom, so expect new psychic creatures to surface looking for entrepreneurial gigs similar to the Pizza Possum. Burger Badgers, Cupcake Cats and Taco Turtles might not be far around the corner!

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