Full Moon tonight


Metropolitan Life Insurance building from Hoboken

We all get to enjoy a full moon tonight at 5:06pm (if it’s even visible). Hopefully the kooks don’t come out and cause trouble!

Anyway, here’s a picture snapped from the shores of Hoboken of last month’s full moon – with the Metropolitan Life Insurance Tower in the foreground. Did you know that the Metropolitan Life building was tallest in world from 1909 to 1913? It’s run as the king of skyscrapers ended when the Woolworth Building was completed in 1913 and remained on top for 17 years.

An interesting fact is that there are four clock faces on the building and each hand weighs 1/2 ton. Yikes! Glad they have stayed on. If this were built in Hoboken, one would suspect the way things crumble here (like our shoddy piers) they would be falling off and killing people left and right.

Metropolitan Life Insurance Building Full Moon from Hoboken NJ - Full Moon tonight

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