Group smashing “luxury” condo windows

A group of deliquent criminals was reportedly smashing the windows of a new condo development on Jackston St. between 6th and 7th Streets. Yep, a bit off the Hoboken Criminal Superhighway, but I guess Jackson Street near the HCS is considered the “onramp to the Criminal Superhighway”.

I wonder if real estate developers put these little tidbits in their glossy, heavy-weight brochures?

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They should tear down the projects but not to replace it with more “Luxuey Condos”. How about middle income housing for families? Outside of rent control\section 8 or folks that were lucky enough to buy years ago, only wealthy families now have the opportunity to buy in Hoboken. It makes me sick that the past couple of asministrationhes have given no thougt to a demographic that has been part of Hoboken throughout its history.
I doubt that will ever happen.
The Currys Woods projects in Jersey City were torn down and replaced with those a-frame style section 8 homes. I pass by there often and by all outward appearences just about all the units seem to be well cared for. I’m not a big fan of sec. 8 in its current state but if the families are decent and for whatever reason need some help I’m all for it.
Anything but more f**cking “Luxury Condos”. That god d**n phrase makes me sick.
As far as Hoboken making more money on this… bulls**t. They need to pratice fiscal responibility. Thats what they need. The more they make the more they spend. Reassessments on property, no more tax breaks for large developers, no more boondoggles and more efficiency.

Mama Luke

When are they going to tear down the project? Do you know how much money this city would make if this came to light? Less crime, less drug sales, less robberies, less burglaries. More nice homes, more safe streets, more income to city. DOWN WITH THE PROJECTS!!!!


Maybe we’d be well served by fencing off the projects and creating a prison city, ala Escape from New York… (I know that proposal will garner a nice response from someone)…

It’s no secret that low income housing tends to attract far more crime than wealthier neighborhoods.
It’s a shame that the kids in the low income areas don’t realize that with a little effort on their part, they’d be able to get themselves out of there… Instead they just resolve themselves to petty crimes like breaking windows and smashing car mirrors and the like… Eventually maybe a few of them will become full fledged muggers on the criminal superhighway around church square park if they play their cards right… Oh well…



According to Councilmen Campos and Ramos….the crime “is not a reflection of the people living in the HUD housing.”

But to be fair maybe they are only talking about the people being guned down on Jackson Street.

Busting up a few windows may be a reflection of something.



It’s a case of developers wanting to make their money, so they’ll put a positive spin on anything…

“more affordable” – actually means, immediately adjacent to the ghetto… haha…
Buyer Beware, I suppose.