Five Guys has best (and fattiest) burgers!


Zagat Releases 2010 Food Survey: Best Burger and more

Zagat Survey recently released their 2010 poll results for various fast food outlets in America. While their statistical sample was rather low (only 6,500 respondents) – some chains that have locations in Hoboken, NJ got ranked very high.

One interesting accolade was the “Best Burger” from a fast food chain, which was Five Guys Burgers and Fries. Also in the top 5 was In-N-Out, Wendy’s, Burger King and Mickey D’s coming in 5th.

Other noteworthy mentions located in Hoboken were:

  • Best Fries: 1. McDonald’s 2. Five Guys
  • Best Salads: 1. Panera Bread 5. McDonald’s
  • Best Fried Chicken: No Hoboken entities
  • Best Grilled Chicken: 4. Panera Bread
  • Best Value Menu: 1. McDonald’s
  • Best Coffee: 1. Starbucks 2. Dunkin’ Donuts 3. McDonald’s
  • Best Value: 1. McDonald’s 2. Panera Bread
  • Best Breakfast Sandwiches: 1. McDonald’s 2. Panera Bread 5. Dunkin’ Donuts
  • Best Ice Cream / Custard: 1. Ben & Jerry’s 4. Rita’s Ice
  • Best Smoothies / Frozen Yogurt: No Hoboken Entities – but Pinkberry was #2 and once rumored to come before they pulled out
  • Best Milkshake: 2. Cold Stone Creamery 5. Ben & Jerry’s

Another noteworthy mention was that Panera Bread was voted #1 for best facilities.

#1 Burger also artery-clogging & most fattening

Funny that the #1 rated fast food burger also had the most calories.

The Five Guys burger was one of the unhealthy meals analyzed at Nutrition Action Health Letter this summer – where it was in the top restaurants in the “2010 Xtreme Eating Awards.”

They reported that a plain hamburger at Five Guys was a whopping 700 calories. And a bacon cheeseburger had over 900 calories and 30 grams of saturated fat (with no condiments). That’s equivalent to two (2) Quarter Pounders at McDonalds! They estimated a meal with regular Coke, condiments and fries could easily reach 3,000 calories! Oh my!

Another interesting local mention on the Nutrition Action website was the Double Pan-Fried Noodles at P.F. Changs (we have one up on River Road in Edgewater). 1,820 calories and (get this) 7,690 mg of Sodium. Holy Heart Attack Batman!

Might be better off eating your own freshly prepared meal these days. I’m certainly limiting my unhealthy foods since joining the Koko Fitness 60-day Body Transformation Challenge!

Is any fast-food good? Regardless – what is your favorite?

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They dohn’t have the fool proof implemented machines tha run on timers and temperature controls that places like McDonalds has. Five Guys is dependnt upon some $8 highschool kid cook guaging to see when the burger is done. As for example McDonalds although shitty as it can be sometimes it is consistent in execution.


Dear Five Guys @ 43rd & 3rd in Manhattan – you really gave me some bad food for my birthday. Not food poisoning bad, just … not up to your usual quality. And my co-worker paid for it too, after I had been talking you guys up for a few weeks. Burger was cooked but not browned, fries were oddly under-cooked despite the fact that I know that you 2x fry, because I’ve watched your team in action before.

Dear FG management – consistency folks, consistency. It’s not good enough to be good most of the time. You gotta hit the target every time.

I was embarrassed that the coworker paid for that meal. It just wasn’t right. Please do better next time.


My heart goes out to those kids in that picture. That’s child abuse. As for the list, any survey that puts McDonalds frozen fries ahead of Five Guys fresh fries has no credibility with me.


Amen![quote comment=”196337″]My heart goes out to those kids in that picture. That’s child abuse. As for the list, any survey that puts McDonalds frozen fries ahead of Five Guys fresh fries has no credibility with me.[/quote]


Yeah, oddly, I love Qdoba, too. Don’t know why. Something about the taste I guess.

Also still love Five Guys. It’s possible that other fast food chains and franchises can make a better burger, though. I’ve heard that In/Out Burger is great, as is Lucky’s. Can’t wait to try Lucky’s when they arrive.

Milkshakes at fast food chains/franchises pretty much make me vomit however. Loving McD’s shakes as a kid doesn’t cut it. They’re just gross. I have yet to find an excellent milkshake by a fast food chain/franchise. Johnny Rocket’s is almost, almost, there with its strawberry shake.


There is a small franchise that is starting to spread in new jersey called “cheeseburger cheeseburger” it will give 5 guys a scare. Great burgers and better fries and a big assortment of shakes. I am a fan of 5 guys but when the other opens near me, adios 5 guys.