Clothes for special occasions

Description – Tailoring for special occasions.
Services – Bridal, Prom, Communion, Baptism, Special occasion clothing, alteration, tailoring
Address – 1200 Washington St, Hoboken, New Jersey ( NJ ) 07030
Telephone – (201) 653-5557

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Holly used to be good, but has totally slipped. I had her do a simple piece for my house (a curtain/rectangle hemmed on 4 sides) — she took 3 months to do it and lied about it being done. I would call to see when I could pick up, she would not return my calls. It was done, then it wasn’t done. Then she was down at the shore… funny, I saw her on the street that day. Clearly she was lying.
When I finally got to pick up my piece, it was shoddily done and literally rolled into a ball and crammed into a used paper shopping bag from the mall (it had another store’s name on it). I had to iron my piece and redo some of the hemming myself.
Holly also overshares her complicated, distressed personal life with anyone who enters the shop…. sorry Holly, I’m your client (former client!), not your friend or your shrink.
Holly used to be good, but I’d avoid her now. Its very sad.


[quote comment=”77910″] Who in the whole world could possibly be hotter than Design Chick?[/quote]

What is that supposed to mean?


[quote comment=”77893″]DO NOT GO TO HOLLY FOR WEDDING DRESS ALTERATIONS![/quote]
Who in the whole world could possibly be hotter than Design Chick?


DO NOT GO TO HOLLY FOR WEDDING DRESS ALTERATIONS! If you want to be totally ripped off and end up with a dress that you can’t even wear, then go ahead. I was charged about $700 to alter a wedding dress and it looked like I did the alterations myself. She didn’t close up any of the seams that she opened on the inside. She didn’t match up the seams correctly and there were stitches missing on the outside. She told me that I was being charged 4 times the normal amount to shorten the hem because it would be labor intensive and then she just cut off part the scalloped lace edge instead of painstakingly removing it like she said she would. Everywhere she made an alteration, you could totally tell. And to top it all off she got pen on my dress and tried to tell me that I did it, yet the dress had been in her shop for 2.5 months. She leaves the wedding dresses hanging in the 2×2 space she calls a dressing room and wedding dresses get stepped on a rubbed against. She also has her daughter running around the office the whole time. If you want a stress-free, enjoyable experience with your wedding dress, I don’t recommend going here. She rushes you out and if you ask her to fix something that she’s done, she rolls her eyes and charges you more money. I ended up having to get a new wedding dress… Read more »


I made an appointment to inquire about having a wedding dress made last year. I was really scared. The woman who runs the shop insisted she buy the fabric for the dress and then tried to show me scraps of fabric laying around the shop. Then she claimed she couldn’t get any more of many of the fabrics she was showing me. It was a joke. I couldn’t get out of there fast enough. There was a loyal customer in the shop at the same time who was raving about Hollydae. Maybe she’s ok for some things but I wouldn’t feel comfortable having anything important made here.