Viaduct gets abused by trucks


Simple solution to cure viaduct woes

If you’re a frequent listener to the Hoboken411 Live Police and Fire Action Channel – you’ve heard on many occasions that a truck had struck the 14th Street Viaduct. (This may be quite possibly the reason it’s falling apart and in need of renovation!)

Regardless – I walk by here often – and after seeing the vehicular height limitation sign so many times, a solution to possibly reduce the number of incidents dawned upon me.

Change the sign designation to a lower height.

For one, what’s the first thing you think of when you see the numbers “9-11?” Yep – either the September 11th tragedy – or calling 911 for an emergency. This psychological mind trick is probably at play – and the drivers most likely aren’t immediately thinking about their truck heights. So changing it to 9′ 10″ or even 9′ 9″ might help overcome that obstacle.

Secondly – when was it last measured? And what’s the harm with building a little cushion into the numbering? Heck, make it 8′ 5″. It’s not like the city would get sued (like it’s about to for the Municipal Garage Debacle) for an inaccurate sign – as long as it’s under the actual height. Better safe than sorry, right?

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I see the problem here. The space from the bottom of the sign to the ground is 9′ 11″, but then somebody clamped on those massive pipes underneath, and WHAMMO! It’s actually 8′ 5″.