Weekend BBQ Idea: Spice up your Burger


The Hoboken411 Chicano Cheddar Burger

Looking for a way to make your ordinary barbecued hamburger more exciting? Here’s a concoction that I created the other day: “The Hoboken411 Chicano Cheddar Burger.”

For one, we’ve been using ground beef from various markets with average success. For this recipe (and all future burger adventures) – you must use the most delicious ground beef in Hoboken: From Truglio’s Meat Market (10th and Park). Hands down the freshest and most fantastic meat you could possibly use!

Ingredients required: Truglio’s ground beef (4oz. per burger), thinly sliced sharp cheddar cheese, Pepperidge Farm sesame buns, fresh garlic cloves, fresh jalapeno pepper, red onion, sea salt, ground pepper and butter. Your grill quality may affect cooking times, etc.

  1. Massage and roll the beef until the “ground marks” are gone. Season only with salt and pepper to taste. For a burger with more kick – add extra black pepper, and optionally a pinch of cayenne pepper. Make thin round patties with 4 to 5oz of beef each. You want them slightly larger than the bun to accommodate shrinkage. Set aside. You might want to butter a plate for easy removal, and even freeze the meat for 15 minutes (cooks the inside slower, allows for more redness if you like).
  2. Finely dice fresh garlic cloves (one per patty), one jalapeno pepper and red onion (about 1/4 onion per 4 burgers). You can put in a bowl, or get silly like we did, and equally proportion the diced ingredients in little soy sauce bowls for easy application later.
  3. Get your buns and cheese ready (a very thin coat of melted butter on the buns gives them a golden brown toasting effect).
  4. Fire up the grill to high heat, and let warm up for 5-10 minutes. Apply burgers to grill. Try flipping the burgers just once. Attain a nice seared side before flipping. Never “flatten” the burgers with a spatula. That just sucks flavor right out.
  5. Once you flip, immediately apply diced veggies evenly onto seared side. Cover grill for 5 minutes. This allows the flavor to seep into the meat, and softens the veggies up a bit. Check side #2 for appropriate sear – and then add cheese on top of spicy veggies. One slice for the diet conscious, two or more for those that like to live. You need at least one slice to “apprehend” the veggies from spilling everywhere later. Cover for 60 seconds (or until sufficiently melted) and remove burgers.
  6. Cook buns until lightly toasted (should only take a minute or two) and you’re ready to eat!

For sides, we had Near East garlic couscous and homemade white pepper corn (corn, onion, more jalapeno pepper, cream cheese, sour cream, ground white pepper – email 411 if you want the exact recipe).

The combination of fresh ingredients and the best ground beef in town (at comparable prices) – made this The Burger of Summer 2010!

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Sunday, August 29, 2010 10:52 am

That burger looks and sounds fantastic. Thanks for the recipe!

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