City Council Meeting 8/11/2010


See video archives of the spin session Hoboken City Council meeting after the jump…

Hoboken City Council Meeting of August 11, 2010

The Surgeon General recommends a maximum of one Hoboken City Council meeting in any two week period. Any excess meeting consumption was determined to be extremely dangerous to one’s health.

Tonight is the second Hoboken City Council meeting in a row (last night, the Zimmer majority flushed over $25 million dollars down the drain). With that being said, Hoboken411 is heeding the top doc’s advice and keeping this brief. For starters, set aside a few hours to read up on what’s on the agenda and in the resolution pack:

Hoboken City Council Meeting April 21 2010 - City Council Meeting 8/11/2010

For the purpose of a random sneak preview – I took five darts and threw them at the agenda. Here’s a glimpse of what’s on tap tonight:

  • The Mayor wants to appoint Stuart Rosen as a board member to the Alcohol Beverage Control Board (ABC). Rosen’s big achievement is winning a custody battle for the Howdy Doody puppet. Does anyone read resumes anymore?
  • The city wants to cut the cord at the Monroe Center – saying Gil Hoda and the Monroe Center Developers have breached their re-development agreement. Some feel this will fast-track more condos for Hoboken.
  • Thousands of dollars spent on gobs of lawyers. Do we even need employees at city hall? Seems like Zimmer is outsourcing everything to costly attorneys these days.
  • LESS PARKING AGAIN! Not only do the Hertz on Demand (Connect) Cars take away parking from residents – the administration now wants to revise the law that currently prohibits commercial vehicles from parking on city streets. They want to re-word the ordinance to only prohibit LARGE trucks. Vans, and other small and medium commercial vehicles will now be permitted to park overnight.
  • Lastly, in happier news – Councilman Russo wants to name the corner of 5th and Adams street to “Gustoso’s Bread Way,” honoring the Gustoso family for “serving Hoboken residents for over 70 years.”

Maybe more on this later if I can gather strength.

Swing back at 7pm for live video!

Video Archives of 8/11/2010 Council Meeting:

Part I

Part II

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Thursday, August 12, 2010 10:57 am

Thanks H411. A very interesting meeting, and it was once again amusing to watch the mayors 5 bobble heads perform once again.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010 1:23 pm

Zimmer is just as bad as the rest…..and to think I voted for her……As for the Monroe Center the building is not being used as it was initially promised. To stop commercial vehicles on the street overnight is another attempt at a shake down. First off there are very little commercial vehicles on the street overnight as it is…….the vehicles on the street for the most part are legit local business owners who will get fucked.

My don’t the Russo’s name the corner “Russo’s Corruption Corner” after his family, that would be more fitting!

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