Major fight on Washington St.

A reader sent this in… He said:

“Just saw a major fight on Washington Street between 3rd and 4th. I heard a lot of yelling and swearing and looked out the window to see one guy laid out unconcious and another guy with a torn shirt running in the street being chased by a group.

Torn shirt guy was pretty big and pushing people around pretty well, and had to be taken down by 3 of Hoboken’s finest. At least 3 arrests and the Paramedics were called for the injured party (in addition to the usual ambulance).

A few other people came very close to being arrested for hysterically getting in PD’s faces and not obeying directions.

PD recovered a police “asp” (basically a type of extendable baton) that the unconcious guy got hit in the head with.

This was definitely a bar crowd fight and not from the projects.

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I agree that the people fighting were probably not Hoboken residents.

This was not another episode of “Bond Traders Gone Wild”, with lots of shouting and half-hearted roundhouse swings. It was way more serious than that.

It was one of the more brutal fights I’ve ever seen. By the time I looked out the window, there was one guy out cold bleeding from the head with a woman in hysterics screaming, “Oh my God, please wake up! Please wake up!”

Meanwhile this monster with a shaved head (“Torn Shirt Guy”) was going at it with 4 guys at once in the middle of the street. He was definitely a working class brawler and was just pushing them around like bowling pins.

After the PD got Torn Shirt Guy in cuffs, he started screaming obscenities and trying to resist and got put right down on the hood of a cruiser hard – this guy was doing the best “Look, I’m on COPS!” act ever.

No, these were not your typical Hoboken residents – definitely in town to just go to bars and go berzerk.

The final part was seeing the PD taking Polaroid pictures of the scene, including one of a thick bright red pool of blood in front of The Candle Shop…

Such are the joys of Hoboken barlife.

Mama Luke

I will bet all involved were from out of town. Seems to me that out of towners come to Hoboken to party it up and get very stupid. I’m sure they will have a Thanksgiving to remember because I’m sure they won’t remember much about this morning.