Constant Critter Conundrum


Any suggestions for a very micey situation?

Apartments in Hoboken, particularly older buildings – have a pretty good chance of experiencing some kind of critter problem. Whether it’s roaches (or what some find easier to call “waterbugs”) or mice, many apartment dwellers have experienced one of these at some point during their tenancy. Some worse than others.

Now some places might have less secret tunnels for these guys to roam and live, and the property owner might even have a good extermination maintenance plan. On the other hand, certain apartments in Hoboken have a epidemic problem with bugs and rodents that never seem to go away.

A Hoboken411 reader who rents in town, has finally had enough – and is looking for some advice on what she should do.

Getting out of an apartment lease early?

“I have lived in my apartment for almost 2 years and my lease is over near the end of the year. During my time here I have had “waterbugs” and a problem with mice. My landlord is great, as every time I call them when I feel the mouse issue is out of control they sends the exterminator. But after a week or so after they come I still notice mouse poop in various places in my apartment (which totally grosses me out) aside from the fact that there are usually at least 1-5 dead roaches in my hall a month.

So, I have reached my tipping point with the living creatures issue. I caught 5 this week and needless to say I have had it. I’m so anal about not keeping things out (I even put my cereal in the fridge to avoid any rodents.)

I want to break my lease with a move out date of either October or November, which would be a few months before I am officially out of it (point being I found a great apartment I want…. and I can’t wait until December if i want to take it.)

What is the best way to go about getting out of the lease? Should I just be honest and explain my disgust with the mice, roaches and other conditions? Or say I am moving out of town? I’m so bad at these things!”

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On a somewhat related topic, I can thoroughly endorse a product aimed at getting rid of ANTS: Terro Ant Baits. For many years I lived in a low-cost but busted up old apartment. No furry vermin nor roaches. I did have ants however and in May of every year they appeared. Tried the usual Raid or Decon ant traps and they were utterly useless. Then one day in May day (2005?) I came home to confront SWARMERS. I visited a holocaust upon them but wanted a permanent final solution to my ant problem. I read that ants don’t like boric acid so I went down to that hardware store on 2nd/Wash and found a product called Terro Ant Baits which contained Borax. Close enough. I put down a few drops of this stuff where ants were last seen milling around. I went in the other room to watch TV. When I came back I found an ant party – a kegger around each drop. Actually that’s misleading: they were lined up neatly in an organized pattern around each glob of the terro substance. Eventually they filled up and left. The next day about 1/10 of the previous crowd turned up for more Terro lapping. By day three, only a few stragglers remained. The following May: nothing. No ants. Never saw ’em again. Neither did my neighbors for that matter. Terro easily solved the problem that the building owner and a series of expensive exterminators failed utterly to do. Now I… Read more »

First off, I would be honest and say you’re leaving because of the mouse issue. The more people who speak up, the better chances of it being corrected. Secondly, I’d get some good traps until you do leave. Victor makes one that completely seals the mouse. You don’t see it and you don’t have to touch it. It also keeps the nasty diseases and parasites inside the trap, so they don’t spread.


At least you don’t have Fraggles in your home.


Agreed with the other comments here. I had a mice issue in my condo right after I bought it. I finally went over my entire condo, pulling out the refrigerator and stove, looking under the sink and other areas trying to figure out HOW they were getting inside.

I found a few suspect holes near where the pipes from the sink came in from the wall. I stuffed them with steel wool pads. For two larger holes (one was where my cable TV feed came in from the outside), I hired a friend to seal them with Spackle.

I haven’t seen a mouse in my condo in 2 years, and I don’t see any of the tell tale signs that I saw before (droppings under my sink, ripped bags of food).

Before you freak out and break your lease, this is what you – or your landlord or hire a good exterminator – should do.

Mice are figuring out a way into your home. They only need a hole the size of your finger or two to wiggle through.


I feel your pain! Dealt with an awful mouse problem about 10 yrs ago. Got so bad me and roommate basically fled one night to our parent’s houses and didn’t return until 3 wks later, after the landlord finally took our complaints seriously and hired a good exterminator. Traps can only do so much… as stated, you need to find the source. Not that you should have to. Have no idea if this still exists, but didn’t there used to be a city related tenant advocate who would give out free advice as to your rights on such issues? I would check into that.