Polka Dot Sunrise Yoga Session w/ Laurie G

8/21/2010 Update:

Morning Yoga was healthy and refreshing

Here’s a photo from last week’s Sunrise Yoga Session with Laurie G. over at the Polka Dot Garden by the Yankee Ferry Uptown.

Stay tuned to this space for updates on when the next morning yoga event will be!


Morning Yoga in the Yankee Garden!

Hoboken411 reader (and Yoga instructor) Laurie G. created a new morning Yoga session on Saturday, August 14th at the Polka Dot Garden outside the Yankee Ferry uptown.

“I love the video you posted on your site, and was so inspired about Victoria & Richard’s vision and efforts with the garden, that I had to do something to help. I’ve been teaching yoga in Hoboken for more than a decade, and am grateful for the opportunity to support such a beautiful initiative.”

The contribution for the class will be donated to the Polka Dot Garden fund. Oh – and you get tasty breakfast treats from The Cinnamon Snail after the session!

Come bask in the glow of the sun as it rises

Enjoy the sight of light sparkling and dancing its way across the hudson as we come together in community under watercolor skies, to offer some love to the Polka Dot Garden. You’ve got to see this to believe it… the uptown pier, now home to 88 tires, reclaimed from a junkyard, washed & filled with soil, heirloom seeds & love/ now the flowers are in full bloom and a veggie harvest is offered to the community for FREE, daily.

This is gonna be magic folks!

I don’t know what to tell you, practicing in the midst of rainbows & sunbeams does something for the soul.

Come out to celebrate and honor the beauty that is brought into being through creative vision, determination & generous hearts. I’ll begin chanting at 5:45am, come sit in silence or hum along. Set out your yoga mat by 6am for a 90 minute session of organic movement, breath*work, yoga & of course love. Sweet Adrienne will be offering hands-on assists throughout the flow & Mario will be improvising harmonic grooves to make your soul sing. We’ll make our way to the roof deck of the Yankee Ferry for vegan breakfast treats offered by the Cinnamon Snail.

RSVP REQUIRED- litwithin@mac.com

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If this takes place where they say it’s going to take place, the people in the Shipyard (including myself) won’t hear a thing.



“Enjoy the sight of light sparkling and dancing its way across the hudson as we come together in community under watercolor skies”

…right next to 411’s update re: AIR QUALITY ALERT IS IN EFFECT UNTIL 10 PM TODAY.