Cars ignore Road Closed sign at Sinatra


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Cars still endanger pedestrians on Sundays

On more than a dozen occasions, I’ve personally witnessed cars driving beyond the “Road Closed” sign at 11th and Sinatra. As you know, Hoboken closed most of Sinatra Drive on Sundays – to allow residents and visitors to use the pavement parkland for practically anything.

In this particular incident, the driver almost went head-on into oncoming traffic, then nearly hit a person crossing the street further down the road.

Why don’t they have a traffic detail there to ensure that non-common-sensical drivers don’t endanger pedestrians or other drivers? Oh – wait, the city is jettisoning 18 cops from the force. Whoops.

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guess the city doesnt need the money!!! 😈

King of Rock
King of Rock

Some of the dumbest drivers live in our neighborhood, which is really a pedestrian community.

Everyone is always in a rush.


City should do away with it — creates more danger 1) during the day when cars slip by and 2) at night— i went through last night at 10pm and all the road blocks were still up. The city said it would be 10am-6pm…. they leave them up so then cars are snaking around them all night … great, safe, program


You could jettison every cop in this town or add 100 and the traffic laws would still not be enforced. That portion of public safety is beyond the comprehension and interest of the chief and his crew. If a pedestrian is injured then they might make a few hour effort to enforce traffic laws at that intersection if your city council person intervenes. Call about a burglary in progress or car break in in progress and they will be all over it.