Koko Fitness viral videos


Great videos tell a simple truth about fitness fads

Those late-night TV infomercials are most certainly for suckers. They use some fruity contraption, hire a fitness model (and photoshoppers for before / after) – and try to convince you that you should buy some “miracle” machine that will transform you from a couch potato into a fit, healthy person. Goes to show you that 30 minutes + lazy person = Ka Ching!

Anyway, as you can see from the progress box on the left – I’ve been participating in the Koko FitClub 60 Day Challenge. It’s definitely an interesting and effective way to get ADHD geeks to stay motivated (more on that next week).

But I found these great viral videos that one Koko franchise created… simple and to the point. While Koko may not appeal to all gym traditionalists, as our society (and associated technology and modern conveniences) evolve – so did the need to accommodate those of us who have been victimized by the “robots.”

Great, huh?

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