Why is this “front page news”?

Hey, don’t call us ungrateful. We are very happy some things are finally getting a bit of improvement around Hoboken.

But this article, which is “big top story news” on the Hoboken City Website, should be something that happens transparently in a city like ours. It’s along the lines of saying “Congratulations! You have electricity and running water!”. When news like this is treated like propoganda and hoopla, it makes you wonder why. And is all of this true? Are we actually building Pier C?

What are your thoughts?

Also, did any of you get that mailing about the parks (click for PDF) that said “A Vision perhaps, but we have some experience at turning Vision into Reality”? Key operative: some. How about: barely any?


INFRASTRUCTURE PLANNING – Hoboken Mayor David Roberts and Public Works Director Joseph Peluso go over schedule of infrastructure improvements and new projects underway in the city. (“Okay guys, point at the map like you’re diligently working!!”)

Pretty soon you won’t be able to turn a corner in Hoboken without spotting some sort of infrastructure work going on in the neighborhood whether it be the simple paving of a street or the building of a new playground. According to Hoboken Mayor David Roberts, a myriad of projects have begun and there’s much more on the drawing boards.

“Along with the building of new housing, new parks, new shopping areas and recreational areas,” says Roberts, “there is the day-to-day upkeep and refurbishing of our infrastructure, even in those areas which are not witnessing major changes. He points to the refurbishing of the roof at City Hall as a prime example and the smell of tar bears him out.

Under the watchful eye of Hoboken Public Works Director Joseph Peluso and his staff, a host of projects are in the works. On Eighth Street there will be street paving from Willow Street to Madison Street, Garden Street to Bloomfield Street and Bloomfield Street to Washington Street. That’s already begun and barring any extraordinary inclement weather the work should be completed by mid-December. During that period of time, Third Street, from Jackson Street to Monroe Street, will also be paved. All of this will be preceded during the first week of November with the installation of new curbing and pavers. The entire project is being paid for with a $400,000 Department of Transportation Grant.

According to Roberts the city will shortly begin the second phase of making the public library ADA compliant, and the Eighth and Third Street projects will be followed by repaving in the Northwest Redevelopment Area and the First Street Streetscape area.

Future projects also include the Gazebo and fitness equipment at Church Square Park, groundbreaking on a new Madison Street playground, the Pier C Park, the 16th Street Park and the reconstruction of the firehouse at 8th and Clinton Streets to house the new and larger equipment given to the city to enable it to better handle the threat of terrorism.

The Mayor and Peluso regret any inconvenience that may be caused by all the infrastructure work but promise to keep it at a minimum and pledge that they will inform the residents of each respective area when work is to begin in their neighborhood.

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I liked the part about the “countless squad cars, motorcycles…” etc – which he purchased before the last election/is purchasing before this next one. Hoboken has so many police cars now the unused ones which aren’t out on patrol don’t even fit into the lot anymore!


There’s something that Roberts mentioned in his 11/26 letter to the editor that should be making the front page.

In his letter, he stated (boasted, actually) that Hoboken currently has seven less police officers than it did in 2001, yet HPD spending is up from $10.7M to $15M in that same amount of time.

How is this possible?

Red Haven
Red Haven

What can I say that hasn’t already been said so well about this joke of a “news item” on the city website that we are paying for.

As for Pier C, the answer is “No”, there is zero progress on making this happen. Nothing has been done for years, and nobody knows where the money went that was supposed to pay for it.

To David Roberts a drawing that says “Pier C — Coming Soon” is a better piece of PR than actually building it. He thinks we are all stupid. We need to show him in May that we are not.