Friday 411 Updates: 8/6/2010


Hoboken411 site updates august 6 2010 - Friday 411 Updates: 8/6/2010

Recent site updates on Hoboken411

Here are this week’s “behind the scenes” updates on that don’t get front page coverage:

  1. That’s Italian! – Updated, cleaned up, and re-organized the list of Italian Restaurants in Hoboken – what is your favorite?
  2. Get Fit! – Added a new personal trainer to the directory: Andrew Schmarje – who does private, in-home training for the busy professional or mom.
  3. Dirty Laundry! – Were you planning to do your wash at Giant Laundromat at 8th and Washington? It’ll have to wait till Tuesday (photo).
  4. Sushi, Japanese, Chinese, Whatever – The Former Yeung II Chinese Kitchen downtown (which is now Kodak Jewelers) moved/merged uptown to a location formerly known as Tokugawa Japanese Sushi Place at 1120 Washington. Updated the photo, corrected the name and added menu to make it current. This is the only listing now for Yeung II.
  5. Hudson Tavern Refresh – Also had an older outdated night photo – swapped pics out to accurately reflect how it looks currently (complete with outdoor seating, etc.) Hudson Tavern has great steaks (with onion straws – yum!) and quesadillas.

Enjoy your weekend everyone!

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