Hoboken Week in Review 11/19/2006

For the new readers and regulars that forgot to pay their internet bill, here’s a cheat sheet for the last week.

Again, please feel free to send tips, pics, and comments to: Hoboken411@gmail.com. Go light on lunch all week, we have some turkey on the horizon.

date book - Hoboken Week in Review 11/19/2006News, items of importance:

Town Government:

  • Unitronics gone
    This parking garage makes this fruity review once again.
  • City Council
    The same routine, but will a few extra helpings of Hospital Gravy.
  • Hospital Hoopla
    Read all about how this massive undertaking may hurt taxpayers down the road.
  • Precarious Pedestrian Predicaments
    This hotly discussed topic is just another example of needed improvements in this town.
  • Intersection Ideas
    Hoboken411 and it’s readers provide FREE advice to the local government to make citywide enhancements. Where’s our cut?


New or Coming Soon:

  • Don’t eat the crayons
    But at least they’re safe and non-toxic. Creative Little Monsters, a brilliant new coloring book store opens uptown for the parents and kids on December 2nd.
  • New York Sports Club
    Finally let us in to see what it’s all about. Slated to open at the end of the year.
  • Rubee’s Closet
    Check out this local apparel and accessory shop.


  • Da Nal
    They’re closing, but frankly we didn’t find out why.
  • First Street Bar & Grill
    Maybe not “doomed” but they’re going through their second renovation since the Puck debacle. And Puck may be coming back in the W Hotel building (according to the Toll Brothers website).


  • Holiday Grand Tasting
    No Hoboken places were reviewed this week, but a reader kindly sent in her observations of this Jersey City gala sponsored by Sparrow Wine.
  • Joey’s BBQ
    Hoboken411 hasn’t posted a full review yet, but many others have kindly provided the experiences so far. Mmmm. Ribs.

Fun, Games and Random Observations:

  • Autumn Photo Gallery
    That fall-like look and feel only lasts so long. Hoboken411 captured that permanently.
  • Artie Lange
    Local radio personality may be on TV soon.

Recent Town Incidents:

  • Check the Incident Map
    Watch the map get peppered with nonsensical happenings in Hoboken.


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