Hoboken Bike & Pedestrian meeting today


Thank Cammarano & Corzine for at least one good thing

State of NJ sponsors study to improve transportation issues in Hoboken

Before the past Governor was out-voted in last November’s election, Bike activists spoke with Peter Cammarano at pre-arrest fundraiser, and mentioned how important it was to have a bicycle / pedestrian Study in Hoboken. Presto, before you could say “pay-to-play,” the Commissioner of Transportation authorized a $125,000 study by real consultants not local hacks. Kudos to Corzine! Will Hoboken get it’s money worth?

Public Visioning Meeting tonight 8/3 starting at 4:30pm

Hoboken Bicycle & Pedestrian Master Plan

When: From 4:30pm to 7:30pm
Where: Multi-Service Center (124 Grand Street)
Why?: Everyone who has ideas as to how make Hoboken work better and safer for those who choose to walk and bike and also for those who choose to drive.

Special invitation to those who get no respect:

  • Pedestrians who take their life in their hands crossing the street;
  • Bicyclist who get tail gated, honked at and told to get on the sidewalk;
  • Motorist and pedestrians who get blindsided by bicyclist going against traffic;
  • Motorist and bicyclist who are plagued by jaywalkers;
  • All of us terrorized by bicyclist using sidewalks as freeways.

Come tell it how it is and how it might be fixed! A good turnout will prod the mayor to make good on this study.

411 Note: While this may be a good idea to “talk” about the issues concerning residents – here’s an novel idea that would save the $125,000 in taxpayer money.

All of these problems could be solved with common sense and self-preservation. We wouldn’t need bike lanes, special speed bumps, hundreds of extra traffic lights, signs, markings, and other real life “Idiot’s Guides” if society as a whole focused on the most important things – rather than getting distracted by electronic gadgets, loud music, ogling at passerby and so on. Then again, we could use that money for something else – to repair the 1000’s of potholes on Hoboken streets. Just sayin’.

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Did any of go to the meeting?

My view on civics. Don’t vote, don’t complain. And it helps to participate.

I did go to the meeting.


I went and expressed concern for enforcement of both motorists parking/driving in the bike lanes and bicyclists driving the wrong way/not stopping at stop signs.


The city must not really want public input here. If they did they would have advertised the meeting sooner. Holding it at 4:30 on a Tuesday in August also shows how much they really care. WTF is a visioning meeting, anyway? Is visioning a word?


Excellent point 411. All the lanes and promotion with no enforcement only yields more wreckless driving. Extrremely extremely poor implementation. Where was the safety director and transportation director in all of this. I think we could use the study funds plus the two director salaries to make better improvements to the tune of almost $350,000.

Take you idea and this figure to the meeting…


These meetings are a waste of time. Why not just let Darwin take care of things naturally?