Late night revelers love pizza


[Continuing the ORIGINAL Hoboken411 “Photo of the Day” series…]

Hoboken bar patrons eat pizza anywhere

Not sure if people just get weak and tired after a night on the town in Hoboken, or they’re just plainly too drunk to stand while they eat a simple, hand-held food like pizza. Twice this past weekend I noticed pizza-lovers gobbling their slices just about anywhere.

First was this near-comatose drunk guy struggling to carry a paper plate and one plain cheese slice along Washington Street. He was so inebriated while he made out with his pizza, he had to stop at each parked car along the way to lean on it while he took another bite. He eventually finished, threw the plate on the ground and stumbled away.

And then these girls over at Uptown Pizzeria – who took their boxes of pizza and just randomly sat on the curb. God knows how much garbage accumulated on Hoboken’s streets by the end of the night.

Remember the hungry UGGS girls from back during the Hoboken St. Patty’s Parade?

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To be fair, uptown pizzeria has no place to eat the pizza they sell. How can a pizza place sell pizza by the slice, but not have anywhere to eat it?