Berkshire Building looks OK now


[Continuing the ORIGINAL Hoboken411 “Photo of the Day” series…]

Street level of Berkshire not so bad

Some people, including myself – have been a bit critical when it comes to the design of Hoboken’s many 12-story apartment buildings. Some feel the look is a stones-throw away from low-income housing you’d see along the highway driving through Newark or the Bronx.

However, as I was picking up a late lunch uptown yesterday at Vito’s Lotsa Pasta Truck, the new Berkshire Building caught my eye. The street-level awnings, and small trees almost looked Park Avenue-ish.. in a strange, upscale way.

Hopefully the retail clients that sign up are a departure from the usual bank or salon.

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Agreed, the area is starting to fill in nicely. My friends disagree, but what can you do. The rendering from the Toll Bros post earlier in the week painted a promising upscale view of the neighborhood. Definitely changing the way Hoboken looks.