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Foot Locker Empty: Closed or renovating?

Noticed that the Hoboken Foot Locker was completely empty. We know they get their windows kicked in regularly – but didn’t think they had a reason to close.

This is one of those we can’t necessarily assume they’re “doomed.” With $300 sneakers, a decent stock price and non-stop social media marketing, maybe they’re just updating their store?

Apparently in 2015 they announced some widespread store upgrades, to “get with the times.”

The store definitely needed a face lift. We’ll see what happens.

P1160005 - Foot Locker

Foot Locker Hoboken NJ Doomed or renovating - Foot Locker

Description: Shoe store for men, women and kids. Casual shoes, sports shoes, accessories.
Address: 227 Washington St, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Telephone: (201) 656-0613

Photo from 2006:
Foot%20Locker - Foot Locker

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I walked by this location yesterday and a sign indicates that the property is available for lease. So I think you can firmly put the Hoboken Foot Locker in the doomed category.


Saw the same next to the liquor store on 11th St. The 6-8 year olds father was forcing him to pee there rather than find a rest room. Happens to frequently. More often in Hoboken parks.

el norte
el norte

As I walked past here yesterday, I witnessed a young boy walk to the front door. Upon reaching the threshhold he dropped his pants and underwear. He continued to urinate all over the sidewalk. The people in the store stood and watched. I think I saw one woman smiling. I looked for the channel seven news crew. They were nowhere to be found. I guess this was the real deal. I’d hate to see the hallway outside of this kids apartment.